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Holiday cuisine at home

This is how a hiking holiday in South Tyrol tastes
Traditional South Tyrolean "Almjause"

The fresh mountain air in your lungs, fantastic weather and that feeling of limitless freedom. This is what a perfect walking holiday in summer looks like for many people. But in addition to the sporty aspect, the pleasure may also be properly celebrated. What we often remember for a long time, in addition to the collected impressions of our trip, are the culinary highlights. We think back to the snack at the mountain cottage that was waiting after a successful day of hiking, or the cool beer that we treated ourselves after the climb down the mountain.

Traditional South Tyrolean "Almjause"

Today we take you to South Tyrol. Schüttelbrot, bacon and fascinating views create a summer full of enjoyment and hiking highlights. Let yourself be inspired by the culinary culture of South Tyrol, bring the vacation cuisine into your own four walls and try out our recipe tip right away.

Summer happiness in South Tyrol

What makes a holiday paradise? A mountain landscape, that you can gaze upon as you drink your first cup of coffee? Impressive waterfalls, that bubble their way down to small villages, offering a romantic atmosphere? This holiday paradise isn’t so far away, you will find it in wonderful South Tyrol.

The summer attracts many guests to Italy's northernmost province with plenty of sunshine, around 300 sunny days a year. In the region, more than 16,000 km of marked hiking trails and paths can be explored and within short distances, numerous dreamy landscapes await as a reward. Whether you are a moderate walker or a mountain hiker, South Tyrol offers the right route for all types of hikers.

After a successful excursion into nature, the food tastes all the better, which is why it should not be neglected on a trip to South Tyrol.

Signposts on the Merano High Mountain Trail

Experience the joy of food

The South Tyrolean cuisine is hearty and filling. Between Brixen and Merano in the italian alps you will find many culinary highlights on the plate. Every region has its own speciality, that is prepared with a lot of love and attention to detail. Over the centuries, Austrian and Italian cuisine and cultures have intermingled, and this can be found on the menu today. Whether dumplings, sweets like strudel and ‘Schlutzkrapfen’ or the famous ‘Schüttelbrot’, there is something to suit every taste. As the smallest wine-growing region in Italy, this region offers a multifaceted taste thanks to its geographical location.

The love of dumplings

A special affection among locals and tourists alike can be found when talking about dumplings and their many variations. These are a classic dish of South Tyrol and are particularly popular with young and old alike. Speckknödel, dumplings with bacon, are a particular highlight, which shouldn’t be missed on any hiking tour.

In general, bacon is put on a special pedestal in South Tyrol, because it is hard to imagine South Tyrol without it. Whether as an aperitif in the form of a platter or in a hearty dumpling, bacon is almost always found on the plate.

Traditional dumplings at the alp in Mölten

South Tyrolean Marende – a tradition

Imagine it's afternoon, you've been hiking in the morning and now the sun is gently shining on your face, a cool glass of wine in your hand. This is the perfect time for one of the most beautiful traditions in South Tyrol, the Marende. This is an afternoon snack consisting of Schüttelbrot bread, the main ingredient bacon, cheese and other types of sausage. To bring the South Tyrolean feeling to your own terrace, we have prepared a recipe for you that will immediately put you in the holiday mood.

Our recipe tip


To bring the South Tyrolean feeling to your own terrace, we have prepared a recipe for you that will immediately put you in the vacation mood.


  • 100g South Tyrolean Speck (cured, smoked ham)
  • 100g Venison salami
  • 4 Kaminwurzen (smoked and cured sausage)
  • 100g Strong cheese
  • 1 Schüttelbrot (rye flatbread)
  • Gherkins
  • Radishes
  • Chives


Cut speck and salami into thin slices. Cut Kaminwurze into bite sized pieces. Slice cheese into cubes. Break the Schüttelbrot into small pieces. You can then decorate the plate with the remaining ingredients.

Experience South Tyrol with all your senses

Are you feeling hungry? If you want to experience these culinary delights up close, we can warmly recommend our hiking tours in South Tyrol. Discover the most beautiful places in the region, enjoy breathtaking views and savour the South Tyrolean cuisine.

For example, on our hiking tour South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail or the Walking tour from Lake Reschensee to Lake Kalterer-See. You want to feel even more South Tyrol feeling? Then browse through our Travelstory: South Tyrolean Wine and Alpine Path

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