Take the plunge! On these tours water is a constant companion!

Cooling off for industrious hiking feet

Oh, a summer like this can truly be marvellous! Not a single cloud to be seen in the stunning blue sky. The sun shines with all its might and everyone’s mood is getting better and better. Especially in summer, mother nature presents its abundance in all its glory and ecstasizes with crystal clear lakes, lush pastures and blooming fields. In the mountains you enjoy abnormally awesome visibility, the rugged rock massif blends with mountain pine forests and rock scree. And on the mountain tops here and there the white splendor of snow is still present with a twinkle. As fabulous as a warm summer’s day can be, the more perspiration a hiking tour can cause. Hence industrious hiking feet are really happy about a route leading past lakes, streams and rivers. We have compiled hiking tours along swimming hotspots and mountain lakes. That way you have the option on hot days to just plunge into the cool water!

Ten Lakes in Ten Days

The frontrunner, when it is all about spots to cool off along a hiking route, is definitely the Trekking Route in the Salzkammergut. In ten days you walk past ten lakes and one is more tempting than the next. The challenging hiking route leads from Fuschl am See through the entire lake scenery in the picturesque Salzkammergut region. The steeper the route the more you welcome the cool waters. So, remember to pack your swimming trunks and bikini in your rucksack and off you go for a dip! Please read the detailed tour description of the trekking route now!

Tip: Try a detour to Bad Ischl and visit the Emperor’s Villa (Kaiservilla) and afterwards enjoy a ‘Melange’-coffee and a traditional ‘Stollen’ in the renowned Zauner confectionery shop situated at the esplanade.

Always follow your nose: hike along the rivers Moselle and Eifel

You love nice wine, breathtaking panorama and fascinating culture? Then our hiking tour along the Moselle and Eifel Trail is just perfect for you. Your constant companion: the river Moselle! When your feet get unbearably hot in your shoes, the T-shirt sticks to your back and initial beads of perspiration form on your forehead – then it is time for a cooling off. Do not hesitate and dip your feet into the fresh waters of the river Moselle. A perfect hiking tour for culture enthusiasts, who do not want to go without a daily cooling off.

You fancy exactly this route? Then find out details for the tour Moselle and Eifel Trail!

Bella Italia on Sardinia’s East Coast

You always walk along the coast with the sound of the sea in your ears. And now and again a fresh breeze tickles your nose. Divine! You walk along the sea from Santa Maria Navarrese as far as Monte Irveri. In the evening you enjoy your dinner in lovely pub gardens amidst olive groves accompanied by the chirping of crickets. A glass of wine and a plate of pasta turn this into an unforgettable evening. En route remote bays with turquoise glistening waters as smooth as glass await. Hence always pack your swimwear! A round of snorkeling in between is a real treat! Try it!

Are you a fan of Italy? Then take a look at the entire route of the Hiking Holiday on Sardinia’s East Coast!

Have you grown to like it? Do you want to hike across Bavaria’s alps, the Baltic coast or the lavender fields of Normandy? No problem! The experienced Eurohike-team has a suitable hiking holiday ready for any taste and preference. Please feel free to browse through the broad selection of offers!

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Mountain Walking

Ten Lakes Trekking Tour

10 Days | Self-guided tour
Ragged peaks tower next to lovely, forest covered hills, both hiding away idyllic mountain lakes. Stop and glance around – take in breathtaking scenery and unspoilt nature. Our trekking route crosses Austrian Salzkammergut from the West to the East. Ten lakes more or less famous as e.g. Lake Wolfgangsee, Mondsee, Irrsee, Fuschlsee and stop at some of the best known highlights of the Region: the White Horse Inn in St. Wolfgang, Imperial summer residence in Bad Ischl and the “most beautiful place on a lake” Hallstatt are attractive highlights during your hike. A special excursion touches lovely Ausseerland, a gem of Salzkammergut where time seems to pass slower than everywhere else.
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Moselle and Eifel Trail

8 Days | Self-guided tour
An incredible combination of panoramic views, nature and culture are offered on both of these quality footpaths. From the delightful, little wineries in the border triangle, you will discover the charming Moselle and Saar scenery along from the old Roman roads until you get to Trier. This pleasant metropolis by the river Mosel charms its visitors with its lively old town and 9 UNESCO world heritage sites, which you will explore whilst on a circular walk through Trier. A boat ride on the Mosel offering many panoramic views is a must before you continue your week’s walk with a magnificently diverse stage along the Eifel Trail through wild and romantic nature and finally by crossing a suspension bridge into the idyllic Kyll valley.
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Mountain Walking

Sardinia's East Coast

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Unique walks between the mountains and the sea in Sardinia’s “Wild East” are awaiting you. Picturesque, rugged, spectacular, plain and simply wonderful! The daily routes offer a perfect mix: beautiful views of the rugged coastline, the blue-glistening bays and the Mediterranean karst – this is an area of land that is full of colours and smells.  The Gulf of Orosei and the Ogliastra are not known as the loveliest places in Sardinia for nothing. The peace that you get on these walks is unique and is perfect for watching the grazing flocks of sheep, the donkeys but also the eagles and the vultures. In the Spring, you are surrounded by the flourishing and lovely scented blossom in Macchia, which emits all year around thanks to the fragrant aroma of the rosemary, bay trees and other Mediterranean herbs. Get all information and many more tour tips for our hiking tours in southern Italy.
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Mallorca – Trans Tramuntana

8 Days | Self-guided tour
La Luminosa, the enlightened, is the Spanish name for Mallorca. The largest of the Balearic islands has many hidden secrets and shows off to her best advantage. Explore the tranquil core of Mallorca the wild Serra de Tramuntana with good walking paths over rocks and though sun drenched scattered oaks. Cross olive groves to picturesque villages with manor houses and castles. Now and again you enjoy marvellous views of the sea and small islands. Sun, beach, sea and recuperation are the strong points of the idyllic coastal villages.
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