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Summertime: get out of the heat and up to the mountains

When the temperatures rise…
Blackrock Cottage at West Highland Way

The heat has arrived and temperatures are climbing above the 30 degree mark. Lying by the pool and letting the sun shine on your stomach isn’t for you? No problem! The Eurohike team has the perfect alternative for active summer fans. How about a hiking tour in higher climes? On a mountain tour, there are pleasant temperatures, and you won’t break into a sweat so quickly.

Blackrock Cottage at West Highland Way

Tip: Read what the Eurohike team recommend you should take into consideration on mountain tours here!

Scotland’s West Highland Way: In the rugged world of the Highlands

The north of Scotland was once a barren land, inhabited only by shepherds and their flocks. Today, the rugged Scottish highlands have changed and present hikers with an impressive location. Kilometres of views and long-distance hiking trail will captivate every traveller.

Dive into the cool Scottish climate in midsummer, and become one with the West Highland Way!

>> All information about the hike across the West Highlands.


Panoramic view at the hiking trail of West Highland Way

Hiking in the Douro Valley: Culture and enjoyment in the enchanted valley

In the Alto Douro wine-growing region, with tasty wines such as port, the Douro river meanders through the picturesque slopes and unique cultural landscape of Portugal. It is no coincidence that the Douro Valley is also known as the enchanted valley. Always with the glittering blue river in sight, the trail leads through the UNESCO cultural landscape of Portugal. The wind is warm and you can explore the centuries-old history of this region on foot.

Portugal is definitely worth a trip. So why not lace up your hiking boots in midsummer and explore the enchanting country?

>> All information about the hiking trip through the Douro Valley


Walking paradiese Douro valley in the middle of green vineyards

In the footsteps of the Via Spluga: the most beautiful path across the Swiss Alps

The Romans made their way along this trade route, and today it is one of the oldest mule trails in Europe. The Via Spluga is not only one of the most famous long-distance hiking trails in the Alps, but also leads you to the legendary gorges Viamala and Rofla. The Rhineland and the quiet mountain lakes create an idyllic contrast to the rather barren and rocky landscape of the Swiss mountains. In summer, pleasant temperatures prevail at these altitudes.

Have you got the taste to climb the Swiss Alps? Then go on this long-distance hiking trail!

>> All information about the hiking trip on the Via Spluga.


Hikers at the Swiss Alps

Tip: Hiking in the high mountains can be challenging. Prepare yourself well.

These three tours are ideal for climbing the in the peaks of the midsummer mountains. It doesn’t have to be the obligatory beach holiday right?

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