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Southern Sweden: The Skåne region

A patchwork of sand, sea and lush greenery

Hallå enchanting southern Sweden! The Skåne region is also lovingly called the ‘breadbasket’ of the country. Guessing the reason for the nickname is not difficult – Skåne provides Sweden with valuable grain from the region’s fertile farmlands. But there are not only cereal fields to see. Skåne is a true patchwork quilt of various ‘patches of landscape’. There is a lot to discover! Learn more now and be spellbound by Sweden’s southernmost region! Finally we present our hiking holiday Österlenleden, 8 days. During your walking holdiays in Sweden you can fall in love with everything this unique region has to offer.

Then and now

Skåne used to be the stronghold of the Vikings, and the nobility also liked the Danish province. The innumerable manor houses and castles with impressively well-kept gardens date back to this time. The dialect the locals still speak today can also be traced back to an earlier era. It has many similarities to the Danish language. History fans definitely won’t be disappointed.

You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of Southern Sweden in many museums and marvelling at Renaissance villages and medieval churches. While nature lovers will feel at home on the 400 kilometre long coast and many national parks.


Good to know: In English, Skåne is also known as Scania.

One of the most exciting culinary destinations

We didn’t make this title up! The famous New York Times newspaper honoured Skåne with this award. Probably a good indication that you will not only be served herring, salmon and crispbread. At the moment there is an exciting culinary revolution in southern Sweden. The formula for this is locally produced ingredients + sustainable production = authentic taste. Many chefs in the region not only win international competitions with their modern Swedish cuisine, but also the hearts of all Swedish gourmets. Imagine savoury dishes from the Baltic Sea, dense forests and fields and meadows.

Good to know: ‘Surströmming’ is a strong smelling herring from a tin, which has become a true international celebrity. The Swedes love it, while German biathletes allegedly take a bite as a test of courage to join the team.

100km long hiking trail network in Skåneleden

The calling of seagulls and the smell of salt water and pine trees is in the air. The beaches of Skåne are far from crowded and typical tourist beaches. Fine sandy beaches, coarse gravel beaches and extensive dunes are partly quite lonely and partly close to historic old towns and dreamy fishing villages. The trails not only lead along the sea but also inland to romantic lake landscapes and right into the Scandinavian wilderness. And don’t forget venturing to rivers known for silver salmon fishing.

Good to know: Sweden has 22.6 inhabitants per km² - Germany has 226.7! As a tourist you’ll quickly get used to the quiet Swedish seclusion.

The hiking trip: Österlenleden

Get to know Southern Sweden up close on our hiking tour. The Österlenleden is part of the long-distance Skåneleden hiking trail and leads you mainly along the sea but also inland. Start in the hometown of the well-known Commissioner Kurt Wallander, in Ystad and walk for 8 days along esplanades to nature reserves, dune landscapes and picturesque fishing towns to the destination of ‘Alunbruket’. The daily hike is around 4-6 hours, hilly and on good trails, mostly along the coast, as well as forest and meadow paths.

Hiking: Österlenleden: Individual single tour, 8 days, arrival daily from 01.03 until 30.11.2019 | from EUR899, - per person.

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