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Always on the right track with our Eurohike on Tour app

Your mobile hiking companion

No matter which Eurohike original tour you choose: at the beginning of every walking tour, you will find our distinctive felt folder with your travel documents at the arrival hotel. Particularly important is the detailed route book, which will take you safely to your next destination along the way and provide useful additional information on food, public transport and shortcuts.

However, if you prefer to be digital and be able to view all this information compactly and clearly on your mobile phone, we have the ideal alternative for you: the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app!  In this post, we will give you an insight into how the app works and the advantages it offers. Are you ready for an unparalleled hiking adventure? Then join us on this digital journey!

Preparation for your hiking trip

So that you can concentrate fully on the beautiful hiking trails and fantastic views during your active holiday, we recommend that you download the app at home or in the hotel. The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app is available for iOS and Android, it is completely free of charge and ad-free. Open the app to enter the tour operator and the download code you received with your travel documents. Thanks to the practical offline use, you can download the data you need even before you start your trip. You already have all the information about your individual hiking trip at your fingertips at any time!

Download the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour App


The Eurohike on Tour app as a loyal companion

Finally you're off! To give you a smooth hiking experience, the app offers a variety of practical functions. Particularly useful: the detailed display of the route progress. At any time you can see the metres of altitude you have reached, the distance you have covered and the remaining distance of the day's stage, as well as possible alternative routes and shortcuts. This way you can easily keep an eye on your progress at all times.

To ensure that you don't miss any culinary and cultural highlights in addition to the fantastic hikes, the app also functions as your personal travel guide. In addition to all the information about the booked trip, it shows you all the sights, places to stop for refreshments, public transport and beautiful photo motifs along your route on an interactive map.

Stay on the right track thanks to real-time navigation

The Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app uses GPS to determine your current location and navigate you along the route. While you admire the breathtaking scenery, turn-by-turn directions are shown directly on the display of your phone, so you never lose sight of the right way. In addition, you can have the directions played back to you via voice output. This leaves your hands free and you can enjoy the hike undisturbed. If you do accidentally stray from the route, the app immediately gives you a warning signal to guide you back on the right path.

Quick guide for the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App

If you need detailed instructions on how to use the app, or simply want to take a closer look at the individual functions, you can download the quick guide for our Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app here.

With the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app as your digital helper, you are perfectly equipped for your next Eurohike original tour and nothing stands in the way of a wonderfully relaxing active trip. How about, for example, a hiking tour from Lake Reschensee to Lake Kaltern or finca hiking with charm on Majorca?


If you still have questions about our app, we are happy to help!

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