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Between mountains and forests

Sarah's travel story about the hiking tour around the zugspitze
Mountain panorama Zugspitze

For many, the first team members on tour trip is something very special, and this was also the case for me. You don't get the chance to discover new places every day, so we're looking forward to this unique trip even more. Where are we going? On a hiking holiday to Germany, more specifically around the Zugspitze. In the next few sentences, we'll take you along on our journey and share one or two highlights with you. Be excited!

Mountain panorama Zugspitze

Arrival in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Although we have just arrived, we can directly look at the imposing mountain massif. In all its glory, the highest peak in Germany "The Zugspitze" shows up. We have already made a plan for the next few days, because we definitely want to go around the Wetterstein mountains in five stages.

Ready for an adventure?

Off we go on our hiking adventure. My boyfriend Manuel and I start the first day with a rich breakfast and a large portion of excitement. Luckily for us, the weather is also kind and the rain clouds of the last two or three weeks slowly disappear from the sky. After a short bus ride (which, by the way, is free with the guest card), we start our hike and after only a few minutes of walking, we are already at the entrance to the rushing Partnachklamm gorge. Equipped with a rain jacket and waterproof trekking shoes, we explore the wide and well-built path.

The water is raging next to us and you can literally feel the mighty power of the Partnach river. A successful start to our adventurous hike. We continue across green, lush meadows and beautiful forest paths to our second stage destination, the charming town of Mittenwald. Once there, we enjoy the wellness area with sauna and the excellent dinner at the hotel. Duck breast with red cabbage and two kinds of dumplings are served to us - a true poem. The sweet conclusion is an apple strudel with vanilla sauce. Simply delicious.

Magnificent views and deep gorges

The next day, we take another look back at the many brightly painted houses in the traditional health village and head for the high-altitude trail over the Leutascher Geisterklamm gorge. The gorge is another highlight on this tour. Along the steep rock walls, we hike along heavily fortified railings and on sturdy bridges over the deep gorge. A bit of a thrill is involved here, but with enough courage we master this section with bravado. The surroundings around us are an absolute dream.

The Autumn color change of the trees is fantastic and we can't help but take a few souvenir photos for our hiking album. Via a wide forest path across the Leutasch valley we reach our destination today, the family-run Hotel Tirolerhof, where we are warmly welcomed. Here we spend the next two days and decide to make an excursion to the Olympic region Seefeld on our rest day. After a short shopping tour we treat ourselves to a cappuccino by the lake and let the sun shine on our faces. 

High up - postcard idyll

With the sound of our alarm clock in our ears, we rise from our feathers and into our hiking boots. This is the day we were both looking forward to the most. Now it is right in front of us, the beautiful Eibsee. The turquoise blue water glistens in the midday sun and invites us to dream and linger. Hard to believe that we are here in Bavaria!

The mountain calls and we follow it. For us, one thing is certain: we want to reach the summit of the Zugspitze. Said, done. Within a few minutes, the Zugspitzbahn takes us all the way to the top. My eyes light up when I get out of the cabin and I can't help smiling, because the view is simply a dream. The golden peak cross shows itself in full glory, the summit is covered with snow.

Zugspitze peak covered with snow

Curious mountain jackdaws hover in the air and keep us company during our snack. The first cheeky chough immediately pecks at a few crumbs of bread lying around and finally allows itself to be fed by hand. An exciting experience!

After our completed tour, a visit to the souvenir store and numerous photos, we take the cable car down to the lake again. Since we still have a little time left and don't want to let this wonderful day come to an end, we decide to walk around the Eibsee. A picture for a postcard, I tell you! With the rack railroad it goes back to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and thus we have already arrived at the destination of our trip.

Zugspitze raptor


For me and my boyfriend Manuel, too, an individual hiking trip is a whole new way to spend a holiday. Full of joy, we look back on our journey together and are excited to see where it goes next. Our backpacks are also already waiting to be used again!

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