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Travel story Majorca: On the sunny long-distance hiking trail GR221

Julia starts into spring
Panoramic view of Port Soller over the bushes

Fall has arrived, and there's eager anticipation within the marketing team as we await the announcement of the upcoming hiking and cycling tours. It takes just under 5 minutes to finalize my preferences for the next Team Member-on-Tour experiences: either crossing of the Alps on the E5 or the new route on Majorca along the GR221 trail. Following my unforgettable island adventure in the hiker's paradise Tenerife last year, the allure of the fresh journey, nestled between mountains and sea, is undeniable. Having grown up amidst the mountainous landscapes of the Salzburg region, the contrasts of the last tour overwhelmed me. The harmonious blend of rugged mountain ranges, the sea, and the laid-back southern lifestyle is an ideal escape. In celebration of our birthdays in April, my dad and I are embarking on the sunny island adventure. So, it's time to board the plane and immerse ourselves in our hiking holiday in Majorca!

Panoramic view of Port Soller over the bushes

Sea air, palm trees and fine sand welcomes us

After a brief flight, we reach Majorca at the perfect time for hiking. A short transfer through the island's center takes us to the first hotel, right by the sea. The Eurohike travel documents are already waiting at the reception, and after a quick change of outfit, we study the upcoming stages with a cold Estrella beer right on the beach. The entire documentation, along with access to the Eurohike on Tour app, reached us weeks before arrival, so we embark on our 9-day hiking journey on the Balearic Island well-prepared.

Sandy beach in Alcudia with a view of palm trees

A leisurely start to the hike in the green valley

After a short transfer, we arrive at the starting point of today's stage. Winding through idyllic gardens and initial rock walls, we leisurely stroll through shaded holm oak forests towards "Puig Tomir." The first glimpses already reveal what awaits us in the Tramuntana Mountains over the next few days. Amidst brief ascents, we alternate between flat stretches, getting acquainted with our loyal companions, the island's sheep. In the final kilometers, we spot one of the many mountain huts or "Refugi" along the GR221. At the lovely resting place in front of the Refugi, we savor the view of our stage destination: the Lluc Monastery. Nestled in the valley surrounded by the towering walls of the Tramuntana Mountains, the monastery boasts a magical courtyard and botanical garden. The warm sunlight illuminates the beautifully landscaped green spaces, and we pause, soaking in the soothing atmosphere. After sampling the first local specialties at the monastery restaurant, we spend the evening chatting and reflecting on the first stage.

Mighty mountain scenery at the highest point of the GR221 hike

Wow! On this stage of the tour, we discover the rich mountain experience that the Mediterranean island has to offer and what lies ahead! Hoping for a reunion in the near future, we bid farewell to the idyllic Lluc Monastery early in the morning. Just a few kilometers in, a challenging ascent begins, but step by step, a panorama unfolds that we hadn't imagined from the Lluc Valley. Steep mountain walls rise beside us, and we relish the view of the coastline and down into the green valley, and suddenly, the exertion is forgotten. And there we are, arrived on the magical plateau, where we walk among grass tufts dancing in the wind, soon reaching the highest point of the journey – the "Coll des Prat" pass. Here, one must take a break because you want to absorb this view so much that you never forget it. My traveler's heart beats faster as I see the almost complete mountain range of the Tramuntana Mountains before me, knowing that this is just the beginning of this special journey. At the end of this stage, a hut accommodation awaits us amidst the picturesque mountain landscape at Refugi Tossal Verds, one of the official mountain huts along the GR221.

Signpost on the descent from Lluc Monastery

My highlight stage on the GR221: a true mountain experience

There's a lot on the agenda, I can tell you that much. Gorge paths, mountain pass crossings, reservoirs, valleys scented with lemons, and finally, the sea. It's no wonder our product managers have dubbed this key part of the journey the crowning ‘royal’ stage! I can confirm that, although each stage is uniquely special in its own way. After a restful night at the refuge, we set off amidst the mountain scenery and traverse the impressive gorges at the Llis Pass. Adventurous paths in the morning drive away cares and woes, don't they? 😊 Gradually, the view opens up again as we hike along the mountain ridge, accompanied by the island's sheep, until we reach the next pass, "Coll de l’Ofre," which amazes us with magnificent vistas over the lakes beneath Majorca's highest peak, Puig Major.

We descend again, continuing along the Cuber Reservoir with the aim of reaching the valley of oranges and lemons, Sóller. With renewed views of the gorges, the "Baranc de Biniaraix," we reach the village of Biniaraix after a descent along the typical stony path. I am simply enchanted— the old stone houses, the expansive citrus groves, and beyond, the Tramuntana Mountains: from now on, I count Sóller among my favorite places! After a break, the historic tram "Red Lightning" takes us to the coast of Port Sóller, where we enjoy the pleasant evening sun with an orange-flavored ice cream.

Discover Majorca's mountain villages on high-altitude trails

Can one title a second royal stage? I would like to do so hereby because I have rarely experienced so many goosebump moments of mountain bliss on a hike. Starting in Port Sóller, we set off for the charming mountain village of Deià, experiencing picturesque views and incredibly beautiful vegetation along the way. In Deià, it's worth taking a break to stroll around, or even taking a short dip in the bay. After a croissant break in one of the recommended cafes from the route book, we embark on the long ascent ready & well-refreshed. The holm oak forests provide cool forest shade on the way to the plateau, and the well-known stone pyramids guide our path. Continually accompanied by views of the coast and the deep blue sea, we reach the barren plain high above the mountain villages. With each step towards the mountain path, the view expands until we finally enjoy a 360° panoramic view. Leaving behind the mountain goats and this unforgettable panorama, we descend again to the next mountain village and today's stage destination, Valldemossa.

Hiker on a mountain in front of the sea

My favorite place

One might think it's by the sea in Majorca, but in my case, it's right in the middle of the northern part of the Tramuntana Mountains, near Refugi Tossal Verds. More precisely, it's on the sun-drenched terrace, where the air is filled with the scent of herbs and flowers, the mountains stretch out before you, and the silence invites you to dream. Grab a refreshing drink and toast to the adventurous day with your companion or fellow warm-hearted hiking enthusiasts!


Refugi Tossal Verds outdoor area

Part 2 of Julia's journey awaits you at the end of the month!

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