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Feel the Eurohike Teamspirit!

Why we are particularly proud of our unity.
Three hikers in the sunshine on the mountain, one person has his arms outstretched, autumnal nature

Experiencing comfort in the workplace, feeling a strong sense of unity, and supporting each other, particularly during more challenging times, are the foundational elements of what we define as a truly successful work environment. These principles are put into practice every day within our Eurohike team, thanks to the supportive framework established and demonstrated by our management.

There are plenty of opportunities to network, exchange ideas in a laid-back relaxed atmosphere and ensure balance in our everyday work routine. Let us now delve into what defines our team spirit, how we inject plenty of variety into our daily office life, and why this camaraderie holds such significance for us, offering you a glimpse behind the scenes!


Three hikers in the sunshine on the mountain, one person has his arms outstretched, autumnal nature

Start the day with sun salutations

What better way to kick off the day than with a gentle and calming morning exercise session. Our colleague Petra has been part of our team for 10 years now and has been a professional yoga instructor since 2018. We are fortunate to have her expertise, as she regularly leads invigorating yoga sessions to help us start our workday on an active and energetic note. When weather permits, we even take our yoga sessions outdoors, which is wonderfully refreshing. After these soothing exercises, we feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day ahead with renewed focus and energy. Namasté!

4 people doing yoga on a terrace

Vitamin-packed energy boost for lunchtime

Certainly, a good and healthy start to the day is important! However, after the first half of the workday, both body and mind need more than just a well-deserved break. It's time to replenish our energy reserves with a healthy, balanced lunch. Twice a week, our team enjoys a freshly cooked lunch prepared from locally sourced ingredients. This is especially valuable for the entire team, as on these days, there's no need to worry about meals, and everyone can enjoy a wonderful, warm, and above all, healthy lunch together with colleagues. This meal is prepared twice a week by local vendors such as the Trumer Schmankerlhof, conveniently located right next to our office building. One thing is certain: there's no chance of an afternoon slump after this vitamin-rich meal!

Colleagues at lunch, regional products, sunshine

"Not only is balanced nutrition important for me at home, but I also make sure to eat healthily in my professional life to ensure even more energy."

Elisabeth Buchegger hikes in the Dolomites

Elisabeth Buchegger


Working atmosphere with a touch of charm

How important is a pleasant work environment for you? We believe that the spaces where we work and spend the majority of our day play a vital role in our productivity and overall well-being. When we feel balanced and work in a beautifully designed office with plenty of green plants, ample natural light, and appropriate furnishings, our enjoyment of work increases significantly. In addition to that, for us, it's also about the little, fine extras, the so-called finishing touches when it comes to creating a charming atmosphere of well-being.


Our colleague Martina has a particularly good knack for this and has already adorned several events, as well as our Christmas parties and summer festivals, with wonderfully harmonious decorative elements. She has also brought a breath of fresh air to our office and enhanced our everyday work with lovely thoughtful details, elevating the joy of working even further!

Flower decoration, summer party

Fresh harvest from the company vegetable patch

Working outdoors in the garden is incredibly beneficial for our physical and mental well-being, enhancing both our motor skills and cognitive abilities. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction of enjoying freshly picked vegetables or a crisp salad straight from the garden. In our Eurohike garden, we've cultivated a small green sanctuary with a raised bed, lovingly tended to and harvested by our team. This not only ensures a vitamin-packed diet with fresh salads and herbs but also offers a refreshing break from desk work when caring for and watering the raised bed.


Terrace with a raised bed, man standing in front of a raised bed with a green chilli in his hand, sunshine

After-work hike to round off the day

A walk in nature is a wonderful way to wrap up a workday, allowing you to unwind and process the day's events. However, getting back into motion after prolonged periods of sitting can sometimes be challenging. Having a teammate to provide the necessary motivation comes in handy. Our colleague Reimar is an avid explorer of the region's most picturesque hiking paths in his spare time, relishing the rejuvenating break with his faithful companion, Rumi, by his side. He regularly arranges small after-work walks, extending a warm invitation to all. These walks not only benefit our team but also invigorate our bodies and minds, facilitating open and candid discussions on a variety of topics. We're truly appreciative of this opportunity and eagerly anticipate many more team walks in the future!

A group of hikers stands around a summit cross on a mountain, panoramic view of lake, mountains, sunny weather
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