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Get active in your own garden

6 reasons to spend more time outside gardening
Gardening makes happy

How marvellous it is that we finally have more time to spend in the fresh air enjoying spring. It is even better when we can enjoy the colours of the season right outside our own front door. Did you know that gardening doesn’t only make us healthier and happier, but is also sustainable? And you don’t need to have a large garden either. A raised bed, a small balcony or a window box can bring benefits.

Because we are also big gardening fans in the Eurohike team and do good for ourselves by eating fresh fruit and vegetables from our own gardens, today we present six reasons on our WanderBlog why gardening in the green countryside and environment is so unique.

Gardening makes happy

Gardening for more well-being

Active time out in the garden has many positive side-effects for our bodies. Not only does gardening – with the green colours of the plants, the scent of the blossoms, the cool earth and vitamin D – lift our mood, but being active in the garden also stimulates our happiness hormone serotonin in the brain, which acts as a natural antidepressant. It also provides natural light which supports our sleep-wake rhythm which results in better sleep. Great! Likewise, vitamin D supports our bones and active work in the garden keeps our muscles and joints supple. Gardening is wonderful for our body and mind.

Slowing down in the garden

Nature has its own rhythm – and that is also good. Time in nature has a special calming and decelerating effect. A relaxing hike in the forest, a walk by the lake or an individual hiking tour – it all works to clear the head, sort out your thoughts and switch off. In nature the sounds and chaos of daily life fade away and we can focus on the here and now. It’s the same with gardening at home. Stress levels while gardening drop after a short time, you relax, find peace and worries quickly dissolve. Here you can let your thoughts run free. Try it yourself and slow down after an intensive day at work – you will feel how good it is.

Apple tree in the garden

Gardening as health care and fitness training

Now we have presented the advantages of gardening. Another particularly important factor is the effect gardening has on our immune system. By spending time outside, we soak up rays of sun and a lot of vitamin D. This sunshine vitamin supports our body and provides natural protection against colds, rheumatism and significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Only 30 minutes of gardening drops the risk of these by approximately 27% – a true miracle this beautiful leisure activity! And now it comes: gardening is a real calorie killer! After all, it doesn't always have to be an intensive workout or an hour-long hiking tour. For every hour spent weeding, digging up beds, planting plants, carrying planters, mowing the lawn, or harvesting fruit, we burn between 100 and 500 calories – that's a lot. If you do that two to three times a week, gardening can become a regular fitness workout.

Gardening with a wheelbarrow

Sharpening the senses in the garden

Sharpening our senses and motor skills – that’s also happening in the gardening. The very diverse outdoor activities ensure that our senses are activated. Harvesting fruit, watering plants, sowing seeds and much more supports our gross and fine motor skills. At the same time, we are totally focused on the work, so our creative thoughts are stimulated and come into balance. Gardening is also said to be particularly good for early signs of dementia. Furthermore, the soothing sounds of nature support our sense of hearing and the many colours and the effect of daylight are good for our sense of sight. And of course, we get to taste our own harvest, which stimulates our sense of smell and taste. A wonderful hobby in nature and the ideal balance to work at the computer screen!

Vegetable harvest fresh from the raised bed

Sustainability in the garden

Self-grown fruit and vegetables are particularly sustainable. Here we harvest exactly what is in season and there is no transportation, which many fruit and vegetables have in the supermarket. Furthermore, by having a small garden or a raised bed, you reduce your carbon footprint. It is particularly climate-friendly to use equipment that can be operated under its own power, such as a spindle mower. This is also good for training the body. Another important issue is the use of water. Barrels that store water even during dry periods and can be used to irrigate plants are recommended for collecting water.

Community spirit and social aspect

Gardening is a current trend and we at Eurohike also exchange tips and tricks on gardening as a team. When is the best time to plant or harvest, how can the available space be used in the best possible way, which plants should be placed next to each other, and which plants need a lot or little sun? You can often quickly find a solution to all these questions in the community. It is precisely this exchange that is good for you – the common interest in gardening is a lot of fun! And the best thing about it? Everyone is thrilled when the precious treasures from home cultivation are brought to the office for tasting, because this is not only healthy, but also ensures social exchange and shared enjoyment! So – we'll be in the garden!

Vegetables from the own garden


In our blog report Tips for more sustainability in everyday life or the article 5 tips for more sustainability in the kitchen you will find lots of ideas for a careful treatment of our environment and environmentally friendly cooking and enjoyment.

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