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Pilgrimage in Salzburg: mountains, lakes, rivers

Step by step in Austria
Bridge at the Saalach

Slowing down, finding oneself and sorting out your thoughts – all of this comes into place when you are travelling through the countryside. Trekking on pilgrimage paths is a well-established practice for many. Whether you are a believer, a mountain enthusiast, a tourist or simply looking to escape the daily grind – pilgrims and hikers are a colourful group.

What used to be a practice for religion and faith has become an opportunity to step back and rest. Pilgimages let you forget the hectic everyday life. Step by step, kilometer after kilometer.

So what is a pilgrimage, where did it come from and why are they now so in vogue? The Eurohike team has the answers for you.

Bridge at the Saalach

Pilgrimage from Salzburg to Tyrol

From landmark to landmark on the Jakobsweg (St James Way) you make your way through the Alpine foothills to the Bavarian Ripertiwinkel. From Salzburg to the province of Tyrol, the eight-day pilgrimage takes you over dreamlike paths past impressive landscapes, picturesque chapels and imposing churches.

The daily stages are usually about 5 hours, over about 15 to 20 kilometres. You start at the dreamy Trumer lakes, continue to the border to Germany, past gorges and waterfalls.

Become part of the colourful group of Pilgrims that walk the Jakobsweg. Do you have questions, or would like to know more about the route? With one click you can get all the answers about the pilgrimage from Salzburg to Tyrol.

By the way: The Jakobsweg does not follow a strict, prescribed route. Rather, it forms a network of pilgrim trails throughout Europe.

Benefits of a pilgrimage with Eurohike

A pilgrimage should focus on inner balance. Unnecessary weight has the opposite effect! With Eurohike hiking tours you don’t have to worry about your luggage. The practical luggage service will deliver your travel bag directly to the next accommodation. And you can hit the road without having to carry heavy luggage.

Another comfort offered by the Eurohike team is suitable accommodation for every section of the route.

No annoying hotel search when your legs are already tired and you just want to collapse into bed.

Should the stage be too long or strenuous, there is the possibility to take a shortcut by bus on the Jakobsweg. Practical, simple and a life-saver: this service is available for Eurohike tours.

Make your way relaxed across the Alps, absorb the landscape and let the atmosphere of the Jakobsweg relax your mind and body!

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.