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Step by step: How to start the hiking season

Head fit and ready into the mountains

Every hiking enthusiast understands the euphoria all too well. When the sun starts to shine more and more, the grass becomes greener and the mountains call – hikers are unstoppable.  That’s quite understandable after such a long spell away from the hills over winter. Now there’s no time to lose!

What should be taken into consideration during those first tours of the year? Read on to find out how to prepare to head out into the mountains.

Fitness training over winter

Keep that winter insulation at bay. What does the Eurohike team mean? Don’t let laziness get in the way of your fitness routine. Even if it’s cold outside and the couch calls with a cosy blanket: get up and hop on the treadmill!

The back in particular should not be neglected during training. In addition to solid endurance training on the bike or treadmill, muscle training is the be all and end all. Above all, exercises that work the whole body are recommended. In addition to classic squats, weighted lunges and planks are also good for the back. So your shoulders will be ready to wear a backpack come spring.

Take it easy!

“Don’t overdo it” is the motto for the new hiking season. You can tackle tours of up to five hours if you have a few kilometres of hiking in the calves. As a casual start, a long walk on flat paths is often enough to keep your muscles from overstraining. Gradually, you can up the altitude.

Tip: Have you greased your hiking boots during the winter break and inserted a shoe tree? No? Then it’s time to get your boots ready for the season. Check the soles first, if they appear fragile, then the risk falling off.

More tips on how to tie hiking boots!

Planning is half the battle

At the beginning of the hiking season, it’s important to minimise risks when in the mountains. Especially in May and June, when old snow fields and blocked routes can be found when hiking at higher altitudes. Research your route before you leave so you don’t have to stray far from the path.

Above all, checking the weather report and which hiking trails are open is crucial.

You should keep an eye on the opening times of the huts, as not all huts are open to hikers in ‘preseason’.

Take note of the weather forecast, so you don’t get surprised by a blizzard or thunderstorm.

If you follow these tips and approach the new hiking season slowly, step by step, you can reach all summits come summer!

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