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Hiking holidays for every level of difficulty

Moderate Walking to Trekking: our 4 levels of hiking
Wandern auf Madeira

The basis of our all-round organised hiking holidays are not only wonderful hotels and comfortable accommodations, professional advice before the trip, personal on-site support, or a smooth luggage transfer during your holiday – the selection of varied and particularly harmonious routes and hiking paths is an important point for a successful hiking holiday. Exactly these routes are carefully selected and checked in person by our experienced team. All our self-guided hiking holidays are then assigned one of our four hiking types, depending on the level of difficulty of the daily stages: moderate walking, walking, mountain hiking or trekking. That way you can be sure that you are guaranteed to be able to choose the right kind of hiking holiday suited to your personal level of ability.

We will now present our four levels of hiking in more detail. You can find the exact itinerary for your selected hiking holiday, as well as details on the daily stages, the hiking kilometres covered, altitude profile and approximate walking time of the tours, on our tour detail pages on the website or in our Eurohike hiking catalogue.

Wandern auf Madeira

Die 4 Eurohike Wandertypen im Überblick

Moderate Walking

Walking times of up to a maximum of 4.5 hours

Our first hiking type ‚Moderate Walking not only offers all new hikers or beginners the perfect opportunity for a few active days in nature. As the name suggests, our moderate walking tours are designed to ensure that enjoyment is not neglected. All active travelers who value relaxation, nature and enjoyment are on the right track with this level of difficulty. The hiking paths are easy to walk on, well developed and the daily walking time is only up to 4.5 hours. Enjoyable hiking is also characterised by the fact that more demanding sections can be bypassed or shortened in an uncomplicated manner. Please find more detailed information in our detailed travel documents. We have put together a few particularly popular moderate walking tours for you below. You can find an overview of all moderate walking holidays here.


Walking times of about 5 hours and sometimes longer

Our next hiking type is ‚Walking‘. Hikes of this type usually lead on good hiking paths and can be easily mastered without any special technical requirements as well as with a good basic fitness level. Only a few hiking tours lead through somewhat rockier terrain – we recommend good hiking shoes and surefootedness for this. For hikers with a good fitness level, the daily stages are ideal with daily walking times of about 5 hours (sometimes slightly longer) and differences in altitude are relatively small. The best thing about our ‚Walking‘ tours? On these holidays there is always plenty of time for a wonderful hiking break, a little discovery tour off the beaten path or some sightseeing in your holiday destination. This sounds like the perfect hiking experience.

Mountain Hiking

Walking times of up to a maximum of about 6 hours

Our third hiking type ‚Mountain Hiking‘ takes you a little higher. Not only does the level of difficulty increase by one level, the altitude profile and daily distances as well as walking times also increase. A head for heights and surefootedness are required on individual routes and small summit ascents are also part of your daily stages. However, the fabulous views into the distance and summit experiences immediately make you forget every steeper ascent. Note: In addition to the more demanding high-altitude tours, there is often an alternative route in the valley or the option of shortening the route by using public transport. You can find an overview of all mountain hiking tours here.

  • Particularly relaxed – Hiking tours based in one hotel all over Europe: Should you not feel like hiking for once, you can enjoy all the comfort and facilities of the accommodation on our stunning hiking rally holidays all over Europe and start again the following day full of energy, without having to change hotels each day.


Our fourth hiking type ‚Trekking provides an extra dose of hiking adventure in the higher mountain regions. Here you hike at about 1.500 to 2.500 metres above sea level and experience hiking in the Alps up close. The partially exposed, narrow or rocky trails require surefootedness, a head for heights, a particularly good fitness level and mountain experience. We also recommend good-quality hiking equipment when hiking in the high alpine region. Some stages also lead over suspension bridges or include descents via ladders, which require a bit of courage. On some sections of your trekking tours you will also spend the night in mountain huts or shelters. We are not always able to carry out a luggage transfer on these holidays, which is why a well-equipped hiking backpack with all personal things needed for day and night is recommended for these overnight stays. The fantastic mountain panoramas and the marvellous peace and quiet on our trekking holidays will stay with you for a long time.

View from the Nebelhorn to the Allgäu Alps

Our hiking tip – Hiking holidays with a dog

All hiking tours marked with a paw are ideal for a hiking holiday with a dog. The routes are paw-friendly and the selected hotels and accommodations are dog-friendly – perfect for a successful break for two- and four-legged friends.

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.