Appropriate Hiking Apparel in Autumn


For each season there is the right type of hiking clothes. Whether you wear layers like an onion, use waterproofing spray or hiking poles – one thing is for sure, in autumn you hike with caution in the mountains. Damp weather conditions render the ground slippery and hence dangerous. Also the cold weather can quickly change and in a flash you look like a drowned rat. In order to avoid that kind of scenario and to ensure you have the best equipment and clothing available for you whilst roaming the mountains, please read the tips below!

Along blue mountain lakes at Tauplitzalm high plateau

What you need to watch out for regarding clothing in autumn

What is the best season for hiking? Autumn of course! Forests painted in autumn colours, the almost magical sunlight and flora and fauna preparing for winter. Thick patches of fog fading away during the course of the day revealing the unique scenery all sweeten your hiking experience. But autumn also has its shadow side, it also goes hand in hand with damp and cold. But if you do not wish to refrain from a mountain adventure, we highly recommend you take extra care with appropriate attire and footwear.

We have compiled the best outfit-tips for you, so your toes stay cosy and warm and are protected from the damp!

Peel like an onion: layers are the key!


Wet, damp weather - it does not take much and you have caught a cold. To ensure you do not end up sick in bed after a hiking tour we recommend the ‘onion-look’. Depending on wind and weather we advise wearing five to seven breathable layers of clothing on your body. Crucial is with this that the layer closest to the body is tight fitting in order to absorb  perspiration. Furthermore it is important that the other layers are well-matched. That way your clothes enable the utmost comfort during the hiking tour and at the same time provide  solid protection against any uncomfortable weather situations.

Water-repellent clothing: an absolute must in autumn!

Since the weather is unpredictable in autumn and can change from one minute to the next, it is advisable to carry a water-repellent jacket and trousers in your rucksack. Additionally there are also a few extras essential with regards to clothing. Your apparel not only needs to repel water but also regulate perspiration. Important are vents to regulate body temperature. In addition a sudden breeze up on the mountain can be kept at bay with a good quality outer layer. Appropriate hiking attire feels like a second skin on the body, offers optimum protection and prevents heat or damp reaching your body!

Hiking with panoramic views Aaran Islands

Multifunctional clothing: practical and detachable

Is the layered look too much effort for you in the long run? No problem! Wearing functional clothing will make a big difference when dealing with unpredictable weather conditions on the mountain. Especially trousers and jackets with an integrated zip-system are just perfect for autumnal weather conditions. Do you feel too hot or too cold? Simply elongate or shorten your trousers via zips. There is also a solution for your hiking jacket: by means of a clever fastening system all layers are connectable and attachable amongst themselves. An additional fleece layer can easily be attached via zips and instantly you feel snug and cosy again.

Hiking break with coastal views

Do not forget hat and gloves!

Where on your body do you loose heat easiest? Exactly, on the head and the hands! Despite wearing the best multifunctional clothing on your body – if you do not protect your head and hands your hiking tour can quickly become a ‘shivering business’! Additionally we recommend you also protect your neck. If your head, neck and hands are protected from the cold then you are steeled well for a drastic change in weather!

Do not try and save on the wrong things but invest in good quality outdoor attire and footwear. That way a hiking tour is always great fun regardless of the weather conditions!