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Healthy movement and country air for the whole family

Hiking holidays

Experience being active in the multifaceted natural landscape, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a few relaxing days together with the family – far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. That and much more awaits you and your loved ones on our wonderful hiking tour for families. Intensive time spent together should provide many adventures, experiences and relaxation. And where can you find this harmonious interplay better than on a hiking route in the natural landscapes of AustriaGermany or Italy?

Family hiking holidays with healthy country air

We already know that time in the fresh air is important at any time of year. Particularly the crisp fresh countryside air, far away from the big towns and cities is healing for our health. The natural environment, the many trees, forests, meadows, streams or lakes offer a wonderful and health-boosting environment, that can also strengthen our immune system. Did you know, for example, that the air from traditionally kept cows within a radius of about 300 metres trains the immune system and can prevent allergies in children? Children that, for example, from time to time spend time in the countryside or on a farm, suffer less from asthma or allergies than town children? And the fact that on holiday the clocks tick slower for once and parents do not feel any time pressure is quickly noticed by children and they enjoy this special holiday time even more intensively and consciously.

Anticipation and recovery from hectic daily life

The everyday hustle and bustle does not only affect us adults. Children are sensitive and an intense phase or lots of restlessness quickly affects little ones. This makes it all the more important to provide regular rest periods and time out in everyday life. Even more wonderful is when we can look forward to a hiking holiday with the whole family. Researching about the destination and daily stages together can already have great effects, as anticipation about a vacation has a positive influence on our well-being. Involve your children in planning the holiday and share the joy of this beautiful event.

  • Our tip: Maybe you could find a suitable children’s book about your tour destination, the theme of hiking, or a hiking diary so that your little ones are excited and full of anticipation for the start of your vacation and busy when the holiday begins.

Experience nature with all the senses

Cows, chickens, rabbits, sheep or goats – for children exploring the animal world is particularly special and an experience for the senses. When selecting the hiking routes, we place great importance on creating a varied route that offers a balance of physical exercise, natural features or sights, as well as adventures for children. Whether watching animals or collecting flowers, herbs or leaves – while hiking in nature there’s a lot to discover. So, there will be no boredom on the daily stages. Especially convenient: If big or small don't feel like hiking, you have the option of covering the distance by public transport.

Ein Kind trägt einen Schmetterling am Finger durchs Koppental beim Salzkammergut Familienwandern

Family friendly accommodation and cuisine

After an exciting hiking tour full of discoveries, you should be able to relax in your accommodation. Therefore, a precise selection of hotels and guesthouses is particularly important for us to be able to cover all the needs of hiking families. Whether a playground, a pool or a slide – in the hiking accommodation your children's eyes will sparkle even after an adventurous hike. And when the fresh air makes the little ones hungry, you can look forward to delicious cuisine from the region. You will find child-friendly meals on the menu in all accommodations and recommended places to eat. Whether a schnitzel in Austria, a Bavarian ‘Brotzeit’ or Italian pasta dishes – tastes of all kinds are catered for on our hiking tours.

Häuser am Hallstättersee

A family holiday in nature for all shoe sizes

The best thing about our individual hiking tours? Thanks to our Eurohike hiking categories we offer the perfect active break in nature for all ages and levels of hiking. Whether by leisure hiking, hiking, mountain hiking or trekking – all levels are catered to. For example, our moderate walking tours are a wonderful option for small children to enjoy lots of country air and nature. The routes won’t overexert them and are achievable. Are you looking for a somewhat more challenging tour for you and your loved ones? Then our mountain hiking tours are perfect. For particularly exercise-hungry families with older children or teenagers a trekking tour can be the ideal break. However, we recommend that you check all tours in detail in advance, including the itinerary and daily stages, and if you have any questions about the hiking level or any routes, please do not hesitate to contact our Eurohike travel specialists.


On our fully organised hiking tours for families, hiking with children is child’s play. The healthy country air, relaxing atmosphere in the family-friendly accommodation and the carefree organisation by our team guarantee an unforgettable time out in nature.

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