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As you make your bed so you must lie on it

Suitable accommodation for every kind of hiker

Ideas and individual preferences of holiday accommodations vary greatly from one person to another and options are endless. Nowadays nearly anything really is possible. Hence it is important to offer as much as possible in order to meet everybody’s needs as closely as possible. Eurohike offers diverse hiking holidays with a large variety of accommodations in all of Europe. So? Are you curious now whether we have something on offer for you? In today’s blog you get to know more about our comprehensive offers regarding hotels, B&Bs, chalets and fincas.

At home in the holiday home

During a Eurohike hiking holiday hotels, B&Bs and inns offer a great mix and guarantee relaxation after long days of hiking. Selected accommodations are taken care of with a great love for detail. The motto is: smaller places and family businesses rather than large hotel chains. Simpler accommodations are led with a personal touch and exude hospitality. However still again and again characteristic three and four-star hotels with brilliant recreational facilities await. Frequently the option arises to experience the culture of the region in authentic accommodations up close and also to get to know the locals. They always have nice insider-tips ready for your hiking route.

Hiking with Charm for every hiker with high standards

Is comfort important for you on a hiking holiday? Do you like balancing out sporty activity with pure feel-good atmosphere in the evening? Then our Hiking Holidays with Charm are definitely the right choice for you. You decide of course how challenging you want your hiking tours to be. Our charm-holidays are offered in various levels of difficulty, regions and sceneries. Comfort in the shape of wellness facilities, exquisite meals and service as well as amazing buildings and rooms always play a big role in this. Despite all each hotel exudes its very special charm. Depending on country and region each accommodation presents itself differently. Top priority however always has to be pleasure and feel-good factor.

Mountain- and alp-afficionados

You love spending time in nature, love the mountains and are fascinated by the tranquillity a scenery like this exudes? Then you are perfect for our hiking holidays with spectacular overnight stays in huts. Whether directly at the foot of Mount Bischofsmütze or on the Alps in the Salzkammergut Region. Everywhere a cosy evening spent in a hut with brilliant views beckons. This type of accommodation turns your hiking holiday into something very special and leaves you with impressive moments and lovely memories. But naturally with hiking holidays like that you do not have to miss out on privacy. For our guests it is our priority to ask for your own rooms. So, tempted with your very own mountain adventure yet?

The Island hiker

Off headed south chasing the sunshine. Where could you enjoy the warm climate and mild summer nights better than in our stylish finca-hotels? A dream holiday awaits on the ‘sun island’ Mallorca with its characteristic Mallorquin fincas. The holiday Mallorca Finca-Hiking Tour not only features multifarious hiking tours, but also stands out especially due to its very specially selected fincas. The lush gardens with pool offer a welcome invigoration after each individual daily hiking tour. Regardless whether situated amidst orchards and cherry orchards or in the valley of oranges in Sóller, apart from the secluded spots in the garden fincas will also win you over with Mallorquin cuisine all set in a very homelike atmosphere.

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