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How we stay fit while working from home!

For most of us, working from home is a whole new experience. The team here at Eurohike and Eurofun Touristik didn’t have much time to settle into the new rules set by the Austrian government. After two weeks in the home office, the days are going well for us. We all have one thing in common: an active programme is on the agenda. You can read exactly what that means in the blog today. And maybe you will find a tip or two for yourself.

Lisa loves to hike on her doorstep

“When my workplace is my own home, I especially like to spend time outdoors in nature. I love to hike through our home forest and switch off. After a day in the home office, I look forward to spending time outside, even if I can only travel alone or with my partner. There are great forest trails to explore in my home town of Obertrum – there are always wonderful places that invite me to take a break. I like to use them to take a breather, to enjoy the beautiful view and clear my head. Stay healthy and enjoy time in nature if possible.”


Michael does some exercising

“In addition to other sports, I’ve done a few workouts before, although mostly in a fitness centre. Over the years, however, a lot of fitness equipment has accumulated in my home and that’s more enjoyable now with home working. Even if my fitness level leaves a little to be desired, it is really fun to feel my muscles working again. You can take a little muscle pain when you’re working from home. There are some tips for sore muscles on the blog. And the best: fitness training indoors is also possible in bad weather.”

Katharina walks with her dog Luna

“#stayathome has been a top priority for me in the past days and weeks. So that I don’t get stuck in a rut I like to do something that’s not only good for me, but also for my dog Luna. I go for a walk regularly in deserted country lanes or in the forest nearby. We enjoy every minute of our time in nature, and we enjoy seeing the odd deer or bunny hopping by, it’s a great way to switch off and still be active – the best combination for me!”

Gudrun goes cycling with her little family

“Our home is in the countryside and in these times when social contact is to be avoided, this is a big benefit. As soon as our home office closes and the weather permits, we explore the area by bike. To stay healthy, take a breath and let the world fly by for a short time. And that’s good. Our little one particularly enjoys rides on the bike and trailer and mostly uses the time to take a nap. After the cycle tour he then has enough energy to give mum and dad some new challenges!”

Valerian goes jogging instead of playing football

“Of course as a passionate football player, I asked myself how I should best keep fit and healthy in this challenging situation. To give my body the necessary balance to home working, I’m probably doing more sports than ever, because not a day goes by without exercise. Basically every day, regardless of weather, starts with an outdoor activity. That means a longer walk, a workout or endurance run. The earlier the better – then you usually don’t meet another person. After the activity, I feel good and the work day can really begin.”



Robi on the bike
Helene Edtmeier
And how do you keep fit at home during these times?
Helene Edtmeier, Team leader Eurohike
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