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Beach holiday vs. walking holiday

Which type is for you?

You regularly take trees over sunbathing and prefer hiking trails over sand dunes? When the holiday season arrives, holidaymakers must decide: hiking or beach holiday? Every year, countless travelers head south to the sea, where the beach chair and a parasol is waiting for you.

The problem with this: a lazy holiday by the sea is great for the first few days – but can get boring quickly. So how about doing some exercise on holiday? Like hiking?

The beach holiday: good for the soul

A week on the beach has not hurt anyone, that’s clear. Chilling under a parasol is unquestionably nice and offers tourists a welcome break from the daily grind. In addition to all sorts of entertainment, water sports etc, days by the sea or lake are just wonderful. Launch a lilo into the water and while away the hours.

However, a holiday on the beach also has its drawbacks: depending on the destination, you can be squeezed onto a strip of overcrowded beach. And you have the same view every day, even though you are in a new, foreign country. After a week of idleness, you have only seen the hotel, restaurant and beach.

The hiking holiday – travelling with a difference, on the mountains

Your grandparents have always known that hiking is good for the body and soul. Constant walking, whether on flat paths or uphill, strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves blood flow. The joints, tendons and ligaments are supplied with oxygen-containing blood, and regular exercise helps lower blood pressure.

As you can see, there is nothing better for a healthy lifestyle than a hiking holiday. But that’s not all! A hiking holiday is an excellent way to get to know a country and its landscape. Every day you can explore new paths and discover hidden places. Immerse yourself, so to speak, in foreign lands and cultures instead of spending the day on a deck chair.

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Tip from the Eurohike editors

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