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Algarve Hiking Rallye: Exploring Portugal's most beautiful coastal region on foot

Sandra extends the hiking summer in the south
Trees next to gravel path

As an avid Algarve fan, I was immediately taken by the idea of discovering the Mediterranean landscape on foot in the form of a walking tour in the Algarve. To beat the dull autumn weather at home with a hiking holiday in Portugal is a welcome bonus. The best conditions for a unique mother-son holiday. The anticipation is already enormous as we look through the travel documents. Portugal, here we come!

The flight to Faros and our transfer to our accommodation in Tavira went smoothly. Everything was perfectly organized by my colleague from the travel specialist team! We explore the small coastal town and let the southern flair take effect on us.

Trees next to gravel path

Cacela Velha & Cabanas

After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast on the hotel terrace, we are picked up punctually at 9 am and taken to Cacela Velha. Today, the small village has only about 100 inhabitants. It stands out with its charming little houses and the beautiful location on a cliff with a fantastic view of the lagoon.

Our hike starts along the beach coast, but soon leads through narrow alleys and along gravel paths through wonderfully fragrant orchards. The citrus scent of the mandarins, just ripe for harvesting, immediately hits our nostrils. A very friendly fruit farmer provides us with a handful of these delicacies. Never before have we eaten such juicy, aromatic mandarins. Happy and with sticky hands, we march on towards Cabanas, where we spend our first rest in a cosy café right on the beach.


Sea view in Cacela

In the afternoon we reach Tavira again along the typical salt basins and treat ourselves to a fruity Sangría in the evening sun.


Today we start our hike after a short transfer at a quiet piece of forest. The attentive driver supplies us with additional water, which turns out to be useful. At the same time, we are greeted by a small pack of free-roaming but very friendly dogs.

We start our tour far away from the classic tourism and walk through a rural, quiet area. The typically red - because clayey - soil in this hinterland is the basis for a traditional craft: the production of ceramics. Thick, black clouds of smoke testify to the fact that this craft tradition is actually still alive. We are impressed.

Finally, after a long but very relaxing walk, we reach the Pego do Inferno waterfall. A real highlight, for which the short diversions is well worth it. Perfect for a well-deserved break with cooling off in the small natural lake.

The rest of the tour also leads through the beautiful, unspoilt landscape of Tavira.
In the evening, we are a little tired and are already looking forward to tomorrow's day of rest 😉

Badetag Ilha de Tavira & Tavira

We enjoy a wonderful day of bathing on the wonderful sandy beach of Ilha de Tavira, which we reach comfortably after a short ferry crossing. On the almost deserted beach, we first treat ourselves to an ice-cold cocktail. Numerous kiosks invite us to linger and relax. In the evening, we stroll through the charming village of Tavira. Whether in one of the numerous typical restaurants with their small guest gardens or in the charming shops, the warm hospitality of the Algarvíos once again lifts our holiday mood.

Barril beach

Vila Real de Santo António

After the day off, we can hardly wait to explore another stretch of coastline in this beautiful country. Soon we are walking - accompanied by a pleasant sea breeze - across the dunes, opting for the wooden plank path, but also walking directly across the beach.

Here it is advisable to put your hiking boots over your shoulder and wade through the crystal-clear cool water. After a short swim break, we reach the Mata Nacional das Dunas Litorais nature reserve. A magnificent natural jewel with sheer countless pine trees and dreamlike vegetation.

Chameleons and birds cross our path again and again. Once again, we get impressions of a dreamlike area that could come straight out of a picture book.

In the pretty town of Vila Real de San António, we satisfy our hunger with a hearty portion of Arroz de Marisco: a typical rice dish with seafood. Traditionally, we are served a small loaf of spicy hard cheese with olives beforehand. Accompanied by a cool beer, that's really all we need now.

Fishing village Fuzeta

the Ria Formosa Nature Park. At least that's what we learned when we read our travel documents in the morning. We are looking forward to a promising stage.

On the beach of Fuzeta, a small fishing village, we first enjoy a fine espresso. For the sixth day in a row, the weather plays into our hands and the sun beams down from the lightning-blue sky. So we set off in a good mood. Through the narrow streets, past charming little houses with the typical tile facades, we finally reach the nature park. And indeed, this beautiful landscape completely fulfils our expectations. But we are not the only ones attracted by the sight: Praying mantises, horses, birds and many other animals seem to feel at home here.

Palm tree in Fuzeta

Ilha de Tavira

Somewhat sad about the fact that the last hike is already today, we start directly from the hotel to explore the closer surroundings of Ilha de Tavira.
Soon we are walking along the harbour with all the colourful fishing boats. The numerous cafés on the shore tempt us to take a short break early on. Although we feel that the tour is not very strenuous today, we nevertheless board the bright red slow train on the bridge.

Boats in lagoon

The rest of the tour then leads directly along the sandy beach. As recommended in the route book, we have enough sunscreen and our bathing suits with us. Before we start the boat trip to Tavira, we put our feet in the sand and reflect on the past days.


My son, in his early twenties, says: "Mum, this is definitely one of the coolest holidays ever!
Well - mission mother-son holiday has been completely successful... 😊

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