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Put on your hiking boots!

The best tips for hiking with children.

Exploring the most beautiful hiking routes all over Europe with the family is one of the most beautiful activities - whether in the mountains or along the lakes. Especially in Europe there are an infinite number of hiking trails on which you can explore the area wonderfully on foot and let your mind wander. Furthermore, the best thing about hiking is that there are no special prerequisites or requirements. The only important thing is to have fun exercising in the open air, to be motivated to hike and to prepare for the hiking adventure together. After all, anticipation is the greatest joy!

Sorting out the preparation - this is where we from Eurohike come into play. In this blog post we reveal a few helpful tips for planning your next individual hiking tour. So nothing stands in the way of a successful hiking holiday with the whole family.

# 1 The route is important

choose the right hiking tour for big and small:

The needs of our hiking guests are just as varied as the hiking tours themselves, especially when children are involved. For some, the route can't be steep enough, for others a flat hike along lakes is enough to be exhausted. Together as a family, you should find out which level is ideal for everyone involved. The best way to find out is by taking small hikes with the children before the tour. It also makes sense to take a close look at the route in advance and to clarify whether the tour suits you and what possible challenges might arise. When your children are old enough, you can bring them on board and maybe even decide which hiking tour to choose together. With the right tour, perfect planning of the day's stages and the integration of exciting adventures along the way, you are sure to have an unforgettable hiking holiday ahead of you.

# 2 Check your travel documents

so that you are always on the right path:

Travel documents including maps and navigation tips are simply essential on a hiking tour. Make sure that you receive all the information from your tour operator in good time before you start your tour so that you can go through everything at home. The documents not only contain detailed information about the route and the accommodation, but also great tips for activities along the route and of course lots of recommendations for inns and restaurants. If you have any questions during your hiking holiday, we are at your disposal at any time via the service hotline.

# 3 Prepared for any eventuality

the right equipment for the whole family:

Every season, every region and every climate has its own requirements for the right hiking clothing. Especially in areas where the weather fluctuates, it is worth bringing a larger selection of clothing with you on your hiking adventure. It is better to use synthetic fibres instead of cotton, because synthetic fibres wick moisture away from the body. In any case, you should have a water-repellent or waterproof jacket with you for the rain, and warmer jackets for the wind and cold. We recommend multifunctional or softshell jackets. These are best suited for this. But don't worry: you don't need to get a completely new outdoor outfit for your hiking tour. Maybe upgrade a bit here and there, but that's all. Of course, the right hiking shoes are also important. On our tours, good multifunctional shoes or light hiking boots are completely sufficient.

Read more tips on optimal hiking equipment on our WanderBlog.

# 4 Feather-light hiking

thanks to luggage transfer on your hiking holiday:

Even if you are equipped for any eventuality, we recommend that you only pack light day luggage. After all, your hiking backpack shouldn't hold you back from hiking fun. Split your clothes, jackets, and other essentials between the family. Even the little ones can, for example, carry their own drinks with a children's rucksack. Then the children can drink whenever the need to and feel like little adults because they can proudly take their own provisions with them up the mountain.

Thanks to the reliable luggage transfer from Eurohike, you can hike carefree from accommodation to accommodation. Our Eurohike team on site will take care of the transfer of your suitcases. Our tip: Just pack the most important things in your daypack, the rest "carries" itself from A to B.

# 5 Plan enough breaks

how to keep your children going:

Let's be honest, what could be nicer than an enjoyable break from hiking by a babbling brook or on a wooden bench with a view? Such a short break will not only please you, but especially your children. It is particularly important for the little ones to know when the next break is so they can regain their strength. Perhaps you can make a plan in advance or simply decide as you wish. It is better to take several small breaks and earlier rather than later, so that nobody is overwhelmed and everyone can enjoy the hiking experience together to the fullest.

# 6 Choose accommodation carefully

perfect relaxation for the whole family

As varied as the hiking areas are, so too is the accommodation that you can choose from on your hiking holiday. Comfortable hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs can be found in the hills and valleys. While in the alpine pastures you usually spend the night in simple and charming alpine huts. It is important that the whole family feels comfortable in the accommodation. Our Eurohike hiking tours for families ensure that you spend the night in family-friendly accommodation and that even the smallest hikers feel completely at ease. So you can relax and enjoy your family holiday together.

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our conclusion:

With a few simple tips and a little preparation, you will quickly find the right hiking trip for your whole family. Our Eurohike travel specialists will take care of the all-round organisation of your well-deserved active holiday and will be happy to answer any questions you may have! If you still have any questions, please let us know via e-mail, Facebook or our service hotline - we look forward to it!

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