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Sustainability report

Our first update from March 2024
Wonderful view of the green valley

Every day, we make choices that impact the environment, whether it's selecting transportation, shopping for groceries, or planning vacations. Yet, perhaps it's time we consider more deeply how these daily decisions, whether significant or minor, affect our surroundings. At Eurofun, we've taken this to heart, embedding sustainability and climate-conscious practices into our daily operations. "Sustainable along the way" is our motto, guiding our conscientious and eco-friendly actions. That's why we're actively implementing numerous initiatives, regularly documented in our sustainability report.

Wonderful view of the green valley

We are trying to be even more sustainable not only in our everyday office life, but also in all our travels. That is why we are currently implementing many measures, which we report on regularly in our sustainability message.


Michael Kröll

Michael Kröll

Sustainability Coordinator

Your contribution to sustainability

Sustainability bonus

New for this year: By choosing the digital route book instead of the printed version, our active travel guests will receive a small thank-you discount of EUR 20 per room.

Guests who opt for the sustainability bonus use our digital route book via our Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app. The advantage of this is that GPS is used to determine your location on our route, making real-time navigation even easier. If you accidentally leave the route, our app will alert you. You can also find out exciting details about your route with just one click, such as altitude metres, distance covered and remaining distance, and sights along the way are also listed in our app.

Tips in our app

In our digital travel documents, provided with all our original tours, we've compiled valuable tips to enhance your active journey sustainably. We offer guidance on mindful practices in nature, waste reduction strategies, and essential items to minimize your ecological footprint during your tour. Additionally, depending on the destination, we've summarized information on drinking water. You'll also find advice on eco-friendly behavior in your accommodations, along with other resources to enrich your active vacation with environmentally conscious experiences, all in harmony with nature.

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You have the option to switch to a sustainable envelope for your travel documents, offering a simple way to conserve resources. If you've already been on any of our active tours and have one of our felt folders at home, or even have one in your luggage, you may not require a new one. For the first time this year, this option will be available at certain travel destinations where our employees will host information meetings at the stations. This initiative applies to the following destinations, for example:


  • Cycling tours starting in Schärding, Passau, Bolzano, Salzburg, Trumer Seen, Montecatini and Pisa
  • Walking holidays starting in Garmisch, Meran or Pisa
Travel documents

Our projects

Sustainability in our stations

In 2024, we have planned several sustainable innovations for our stations. As part of the "Training Days," our stations will undergo sustainability training for the first time, covering more than just proper waste separation. To ensure effectiveness, our branch offices now feature standardized waste separation systems. In the automotive sector, we prioritize fuel-efficient driving to minimize emissions. These changes reflect our commitment to operating more responsibly. You can also support us in selected stations by opting for our new sustainability envelope!



Majorca Eurohike bus

CO2 compensation for our tours

CO2-neutral travel is one of our primary goals for the future! To achieve this, we calculate the emission values of all our original tours using the internationally recognized "Carmacal" CO2 calculator, which are then displayed on our travel pages. The CO2 emissions generated are offset through a suitable climate project, effectively reducing our ecological footprint as well as that of our guests. With this initiative, we're making significant strides towards climate protection.


Climate-neutral catalogs

When producing our climate-neutral catalogs, we collaborate with regional printers to minimize transportation routes and support the local economy. The catalogs are shipped using sustainably produced packaging, and the CO2 emissions produced during production are offset through a partnership with ClimatePartner.


Eurobike and Eurohike catalogues



Over the past few months, we've gathered numerous sustainability-related topics concerning company practices and employee behaviors, now compiled in our comprehensive sustainability manual. These codes of conduct serve as our internal guidelines, empowering our employees to contribute to sustainability and foster better cooperation within the office. From waste management basics ensuring proper waste separation to objectives for further integrating sustainability into our daily work routines, our sustainability manual provides answers to all questions regarding sustainability at Eurofun.

Employee with headset in front of computer


We've established a sustainability team to enhance the execution of our sustainability projects and drive this agile process forward effectively. Comprising 10 employees, our sustainability ambassadors are drawn from various departments within the company, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and skills are incorporated into the implementation of our sustainability initiatives. In monthly meetings, the team delves into various sustainability topics and associated projects. These gatherings offer a valuable opportunity to discuss sustainability matters, exchange ideas, and strategize measures. All team members are encouraged to contribute their perspectives, raise concerns, and collaboratively devise solutions.

A group of hikers stands around a summit cross on a mountain, panoramic view of lake, mountains, sunny weather


In February, we attained partner status with Travelife, a premier training and certification program for sustainability management in the travel industry. This achievement acknowledges our long-term commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, as we satisfy over 100 criteria across various areas, including:





You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.