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Seven (hiking) steps to the start of the season

A look behind the scenes at Eurohike
Ricardos view during the hike along the alcudia peninsula

When the days are slowly getting shorter and the last hiking guests have returned home after eventful days, our team is already in full swing planning the upcoming hiking year. The development of new travel ideas, as well as the optimisation of existing offers has already been completed, and the result can be found, as every year, in the hiking catalogue, fresh off the press at the beginning of November. And because time flies, we look back only briefly on the travel season that lies behind us. Because there is still a lot to do, to organise, to plan and to prepare, in order to once again welcome many content guests on our hiking holidays with luggage transfer.

Until that time comes, the Eurohike team is embarking on a journey of its own, taking us to the start of the season in seven big steps! We'll tell you what those steps are now on HikingBlog.

Ricardos view during the hike along the alcudia peninsula

Step 1: You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

A consistently high quality of our hotels and accommodation is our top priority. Those who return to their accommodation after a day full of hiking want rest and relaxation in a beautiful atmosphere and, after a tasty dinner, one thing above all: a relaxed sleep and to gather strength for the coming hiking stage. And that is precisely why we place a special focus on high quality here. Many of our hotels are already long-standing Eurohike partners who have been looking forward to welcoming our hiking guests again and again for years. And to make sure it stays that way, we start in the autumn of the previous year with a precise evaluation of our hotel partners, select nice accommodation specifically and also fix a nice selection of first-class accommodation for our new tours.

  • Our tip: For all guests who particularly value extra comfort in the accommodation, we recommend our "Hiking with Charm" category.
Pool area at the Hotel Savoy Saccharum in Calheta

Step 2: After the season is before the season

In the course of the year, we receive a lot of feedback from our hiking guests, both digitally and by mail – and we are very happy about that! A perfect hiking tour consists of many individual elements that, when combined, offer a first-class holiday experience. And to ensure that even the smallest weakness is found and improved upon, we need your honest travel feedback. All feedback is reviewed in detail, important tips are followed up and suggestions for improvements are put into practice as best as possible. In the process, we also come across good tips, exciting suggestions and important information to consider when planning your tour for the coming season. In this way, we succeed in continuously increasing the quality of our tours and guaranteeing our high standards.

Hiking-signpost on Madeira

Step 3: Always on the right path!

Our individual hiking tours lead along the most beautiful hiking paths and through untouched nature, far away from the masses. Be it through green forests or along rugged peaks, idyllic beaches or misty mountain trails – the most beautiful part of our tours can change from year to year. Where there was a beautiful hiking trail last autumn, there may be a winding path in the spring. This is exactly where our hiking experts come into play in product management: hiking routes are personally reviewed, walked, detours are worked out, and new options and points of interest are added. Our new hiking tours are also worked out down to the last detail. Once this work is done, it's a seamless transition to step 4!

Eurohike backpack in South Tyrol

Step 4: Travel documents - always up to date!

The heart of our individual hiking tours are our travel documents. When you hike with Eurohike, you can rely on detailed, up-to-date and comprehensive route descriptions and the best maps. Here, our years of experience, the travel feedback of our guests and the latest updates after our personal tour checks on-site come together in a hiking guide that leaves nothing to be desired. First and foremost, you will find precise route descriptions, maps, tips on where to stop for refreshments and places of interest, and much more, in your route book, which we provide as a printout with every trip. For all those who do not want to do without digital support, we provide up-to-date GPS data for all hiking stages – free of charge, of course.

Eurohike travel documents

Step 5: The right shoe for every foot, and the right hiking tour for every guest.

Our trained Eurohike travel specialists advise and support you with experience and passion all year round. Especially in spring, we receive numerous calls and messages, which we answer as best we can. Be it with a tip for a particularly suitable hiking boot, the perfect hiking tour with a dog or the selection of the ideal destination for the summer – we are always happy to hear from our guests. From the first phone call to the final booking confirmation, we accompany you through the entire booking process and far beyond. A particular advantage is that our travel specialists have been managing our tours for years and have personally hiked most of them.

Hiker looks out over the magnificent Molveno Lake

Step 6: Start of the season!

At the beginning of April it gets serious – after intensive coordination and planning we are looking forward to the start of our hiking season every year. The stations all over Europe are staffed with our local guides and supplied with travel material. The logistics are organised, every transfer, be it that of your luggage or a comfortable transfer of people, are stored in our system and are carried out precisely. The first travel documents reach our guests and a little later the time has finally come for us to welcome numerous exercise-hungry hiking guests on our active tours. 

Ricardos view during the hike along the alcudia peninsula

Step 7: ... and now?

What happens now? Now the hiking season starts and we are happy to offer our guests exciting hiking experiences year after year. When the first hiking boots tread the fresh leaves on our stages and our station leaders look at satisfied faces, then we know the intensive preparation and extensive planning was worth it – a perfect hiking holiday, organised down to the last detail and yet full of surprises, completely worry-free and with the most beautiful routes guaranteed. And while spring unfolds its full splendour and summer is already knocking quietly but steadily on the door, we know exactly – the hiking season has begun!

Hiking rest under rock formations
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