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The perfect active breakfast from the hotel buffet

The ideal vitamin-start to the day

The selected accommodation on the Eurohike hiking trips provide hikers and mountain enthusiasts with a rich and varied breakfast every day. In buffet form or à la carte: a good start into the day is important for every hiker. Read now which combinations of food, vitamin boosters and superfoods will fill up your energy reserves in the long term and provide the necessary strength for your muscles!

The hotel buffet: rich and varied

From savoury to sweet, from hearty to easily digestible and from indulgent to super healthy. A hotel breakfast buffet offers everything a hiker’s heart desires. You are spoiled for choice, so to speak, and of course the warm croissant, the fried bacon or the fresh pancakes are tempting. After all, you want to treat yourself during your holiday – totally understandable! However, exactly these dishes are difficult to digest and make you anything but fit for the upcoming tour. We therefore advise you to have a breakfast rich in vitamins.

First course: hearty and high in protein

How about the following combination? To start, a freshly prepared omelette made from a whole egg and two egg whites, peppers, tomatoes and onions. Of course fried in a little oil and garnished with chives. In addition, a slice of wholemeal bread or a pastry of your choice. As far as possible, make sure not to eat white bread, but rather choose darker varieties. Why? Whole grain products are more complex, so the body takes longer to digest them and insulin levels remain constant. This means that there will be no cravings and breakfast keeps you fuller for longer.

Of course, you also have a large selection when choosing toppings for bread or pastry. Use cream-based spreads and leave the butter. A lean sliced ham and a slice of cheese, a few vegetable sticks – and the first course is reads. Sounds tempting? It is!

Some hotel buffets offer a juice station. Depending on what’s on offer, the orange juice is freshly squeezed, or you can put together your own vitamin boost.


Our recommendation: If there is a juicer at the buffet – use it! For example, add a carrot, an apple, a celery stick and an orange and voilà – you have a delicious vitamin bomb in a glass.

Second course: sweet and tempting

Attention to all those with a sweet tooth: for you, breakfast has to contain something sweet? Then off to the fruit section of the hotel buffet. Grab a cereal bowl, fill it with plain yoghurt, curd cheese or milk. Then add the fruit of your choice.

Warning: it is better to leave the ready prepared fruit salad and put together your own fruit. Fruit salads are usually real sugar traps. Whether soaked in juice or peppered with fruit from a can, both versions are not a good prerequisite for an active day of sport.

Now it’s off to the cereal department. Here too, caution must be exercised.

Avoid cornflakes, chocolate pops and crunchy muesli. The best types are oatmeal-based cereals such as Bircher muesli. Or even better – put together your own mix. With some breakfast buffets there are small grain mills. Grind flaxseeds, psyllium and, for example, buckwheat yourself. In addition to heavenly smells, you have the pure seed powder in the cereal bowl, without added sugar. Add some dried fruit (but not too much, please), oatmeal and last but not least, nuts. The latter are rich in healthy fats because they have a high omega-3 content. For the extra sweetness kick, you can pour a spoon or two of honey or maple syrup over the finished muesli, and then only one thing remains to be said: enjoy your meal!


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