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Why we should eat intuitively

A good gut feeling and a healthy eating mentality
Healthy smoothies and juices

Only eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full. This actually sounds very simple, does it not? This is exactly what many people have forgotten in recent years. Diets, strict eating rules or eating under stress caused by a hectic everyday life, skipping breakfast, eating a sandwich for lunch quickly and directly at work and ordering a takeaway in the evening. From preparation to eating – everything has to happen quickly. This eating behaviour does not support what our body would need so badly – a good balance of food and no forbidden foods on the menu.

We have dealt with the method of intuitive eating in detail, researched a lot of interesting facts on this topic and prepared practical tips for making every day eating easier. We are sure that listening to your intuition and sensation of hunger is not that difficult. All information can now be found on our HikingBlog.

Healthy smoothies and juices

Basics for intuitive eating

Everyone is born with intuitive eating habits. When a newborn is hungry, it will cry and stop feeding when full. A simple instinct that we are given as babies in the cradle. However already in childhood we forget exactly this trust in the natural body wisdom and sensation of hunger. The body’s signals and a healthy feeling of satiety are suddenly affected by various reasons. We are urged to finish what is on our plate, otherwise there will be no desert. Sweets serve as a reward and to celebrate success. As punishment sweet treats are withheld or denied.

We experience early on that certain foods are categorised as “good“ or “bad“ and as a result we lose confidence in our own body. It would be so easy to give the body what it needs in the moment, since that is what it communicates. If you feel like a portion of pasta, then it would not make sense to eat a green salad. This eating behaviour may sound a bit strange at first, but after a short time you will notice that you can trust your intuition and that there will be no loss of control. You will feel how good it is to eat what you feel like and how you can bring more balance and ease into your everyday life.

Tips and principles for intuitive eating

The first step is to question and, if necessary, break eating rules imposted by yourself. After all, it is about being able to enjoy good food again without guilt. Listen to your body, recognise the sensation of hunger and know when you are full. Trust your body. Meals need to be celebrated with pleasure and mindfulness, without the use of emotions and without any distractions such as television, mobile phones or newspapers. When it comes to food choices, there are no bans. A variety of all foods is just what your body needs. Restrictions or a diet mentality have no place here. Make your body feel even better with gentle exercise.

Natural feeling of being hungry

Patience leads to success

A certain eating pattern does not change overnight. Patience, discipline and perseverance are required here. Did you know that it takes at least two months before you can let go of your old eating pattern before you internalize a new daily eating routine? This also includes the already firmly established thought pattern when it comes to food that we consider in our mind as “unhealthy“ and therefore “wrong“ or “bad“, such as a piece of cake, a pizza or a Schnitzel. Whether consciously or unconsciously such thoughts and beliefs lie dormant in many people which automatically makes people want to count calories. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy approach to all foods, because feeling guilty or emotional eating have no place in the intuitive eating-lifestyle.

Gentle movement in everyday life

Exercise and movement for increased well-being

We now know how to listen to our body’s own feeling of hunger and implement the practice of intuitive eating. This lifestyle supports our body even better, if we integrate sport and exercise appropriate for our type into our everyday life. This immediately ensures even more self-esteem, well-being, better sleep and helps to break out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether it is yoga, pilates, cycling or hiking – it is important that you enjoy it. You can experience this beneficial form of exercise even more intensively on an individual hiking holiday. Here, during a break lasting several days, you can experience up close how beneficial the time in the fresh air in the midst of soothing nature is. Especially convenient: On the Eurohike hiking holidays with luggage transfer, you can walk completely carefree, since your luggage will be transported by our on-site team from one accommodation to the next and will be waiting for you in the next hotel after your hike.

Even more interesting facts

Read more about foods & vitamins which ensure health and vitality on our HikingBlog. This is how we can be fit & healthy with what we eat!

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