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Change of perspective: resolutions, but for real this time!

Tips on how good resolutions really work
Courage for change and new resolutions

Let's start with the question: What is a resolution? According to our research, this term is defined as follows: "Something one resolves to do consciously and decisively, a firm intention, a concrete decision, a so-called plan of action." A new year, a new resolution to do something much better, that's exactly what it should be. Less stress, more exercise, more time for the family and more healthy food. That actually sounds quite easy, doesn't it? But it's not quite so easy to integrate such a well-intentioned resolution into everyday life and stick to it!

Did you know that most New Year's resolutions remain wishful thoughts and are never put into practice? We have taken on this topic and would like to give you a few tips on how these good resolutions can actually be realised with the help of a change of perspective. And sustainably! With these simple tricks, you're sure to succeed in the new year 2022. Have you already defined your resolutions?

Courage for change and new resolutions

Status quo: the starting position

The desire for change is great. You really want to change something in the new year, and a New Year's resolution is the perfect way to do that. But what exactly is to be improved and why? What is the current situation and why has the "problem" not yet been solved?

First of all, you should approach the initial situation calmly and slowly and ask yourself a few questions.

  • What do I want to change in concrete terms?
  • How important is my goal to me?
  • Do I want to achieve the goal and can I fully commit to it?
  • What good will it do me if I actually achieve the goal?
  • How will I feel when I have achieved my goal?
  • What positive things will it bring me?


In fact, research has shown that it is precisely these questions that help to achieve the goal, as one will look deeply into the "why" and "what exactly" and thus find really good reasons to realise the resolution.

Define new goals and resolutions

Resolutions with added value

Once the starting point has been clearly defined and the commitment has been made, the next step is to fix the resolution. The more clearly the resolution is defined, the easier it is to integrate and implement in everyday life. Would you like to do more sport or go hiking? Define exactly on which days of the week you would like to be active, for example, when it is ideal for you in terms of time and what exactly you want to do. Go for a run on Mondays, do 45 minutes of Pilates on Wednesdays and go for a hike on Saturdays? Perfect, the better you plan and fix these resolutions, the easier they will be to implement. In this way, your original problem will not become another burden, but with the help of a plan of action, a gain or even a gift.

New resolutions and change of perspective

Reaching your goal with a change of perspective

But despite all the questions, best intentions and concrete plans of action, the goal and the implementation can sometimes falter. We will now tell you how to ensure that you stay on track. Your individual perspective plays an essential role. Entrenched patterns cannot simply be completely changed overnight; this takes time and patience.

  • Therefore, approach the matter with forbearance and mindfulness.
  • Try to define your goal as precisely as possible and visualise the desired or aspired state.
  • Add value instead of renunciation: Your goal should not be renunciation, but rather a change in your mindset and thus your perspective.
  • Be courageous and engage in the new process of change.
  • Be aware of possible personal or social resistance and don't let this dissuade you from your plan.
  • Continuity: Keep at it and don't give up immediately if things don't work out right away.
  • Sustainability and a change of perspective are the keys to success.
Courage for change and new resolutions

What can be said in conclusion?

First of all, take a relaxed look at the initial situation and ask yourself clear questions about what exactly needs to be changed and why. In the next step, define a realisable resolution, fix it and integrate it into everyday life with realisable actions. Now you need to have courage and patience and one thing is very important – get out of the old way of thinking and be open to a change of perspective. A resolution can be much more than a tedious change, but rather a wonderful gift for oneself!

New resolutions and perspectives
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