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Staff member on Tour: Madlene hikes around Mount Zugspitze

Amazing days of hiking with many highlights around Mount Zugspitze

This year I found it super easy to decide on a hiking holiday. Last year as I was standing on Mount Wendelstein and was admiring Mount Zugspitze from afar, everything was clear to me very quickly that I have to visit this region at any rate. My dad, who was to accompany me this year, too was full of anticipation. So, at the end of June we embarked together on the Hiking Holiday ‘Around Mount Zugspitze.

Day 1: Arrival at Garmisch

In pouring rain we took the car and drove from Salzburg to Garmisch. After a 2-hour journey we reached Garmisch and to our delight the layer of clouds opened up and the sun hit our faces.

In our first accommodation ‘Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten’ (Four Seasons) we were cordially welcomed and a little later had a nice welcome meeting with the local stage manager Paolo. To end our evening we could not resist a walk through the beautiful parts of town.

Day 2: From Garmisch to Mittenwald

After we were woken early in the morning by sunshine, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast. We decided on the footpath along the river Partnach heading for the Garmisch ski stadium. When you arrive at the ski stadion take a peek inside, a visit is really worth it! The renowned ravine ‘Partnachklamm’ was still closed in June due to the severe weather. The diversion led us twice high up above the river, that way we had a good view onto the mass of water meandering through the valley. The route led us in serpentines along lovely paths across meadows and on forest paths uphill to the mountain inn ‘Berggasthof Eckbauer’, then onwards on undulating terrain to the alp ‘Elmauer Alm’. After that we descended to Klais, where we took the train to Mittenwald shortly after. The town of Mittenwald is famous for its wall paintings and violin making.

Day 3: From Mittenwald to Leutasch

The following day we took off towards the ‘Geisterklamm’ (ghost ravine). A highlight with an awesome atmosphere – we simply had to go there! Afterwards we continued to the panoramic bridge and then onwards along the gorge. After the ravine the route led us across blooming flower meadows surrounded by a stunning mountain backdrop. A unique view, since such large radiant flower meadows are a rare sight these days. Soon we walked along the river Leutascher Ache, where we tried a spot of treading water here and there. Once we arrived in Leutasch we had a very warm welcome in Hotel Tirolerhof by family Gruber. The hosts took great care of us and half board was delicious.

Day 4: Circular Tour to Seefeld

Early in the morning a narrow hiking path led us through the forest over hedge and ditch to a marvellous viewpoint of the so-called ‘Rappenlöcher’. From the alp ‘Hochmoosalm’ we proceeded along beautiful forest roads through woodland. Here we could really enjoy the peace, the chirping of the birds and unspoilt nature in the forest. Before reaching our Day Finish Seefeld, we descended via the ‘Nostalgie’-ski run. During our descent the sun was blazing down and the entire village of Seefeld was beautifully decorated with flowers. We took the bus and had a comfortable ride back to Leutasch, where we spent the rest of the evening enjoying an excellent dinner.

Day 5: From Leutasch to Ehrwald

At 9am we were picked up from Hotel Tirolerhof by shuttle bus and taken into the Gaistal-valley to the start of our tour. Again and again we came across various herds of grazing animals who appeared to enjoy alp-life to the fullest. Initially weather conditions were sunny and warm, however the closer we came to our Day Finish the worse the weather became. Dark storm clouds appeared. It did not take long until we were completely drenched by a downpour. With good wet weather clothing however this was not a problem for us. After a short rest in the hut we descended into the valley by cable car. The rain clouds moved past us and we were able to tackle the final kilometres to Ehrwald in dry conditions again.

Day 6: From Ehrwald back to Garmisch

On the day of our final hiking tour the route led us along beautiful cart tracks and forest paths to the Zugspitz cable car. From there we ascended to the Hochthörle-hut, where we reached the Eibseeblick-viewpoint just shortly after. From there we walked across the ski run, along apparent paths and forest roads through the woods down to the lake. Shortly before we reached Lake Eibsee, the sun appeared from behind the clouds. Without hesitation we took a ride up Mount Zugspitze on the newly built cable car. Unfortunately the summit was enshrined by clouds when we exited the gondola, which meant visibility was limited by a sea of fog, Nevertheless the cable car ride in the gigantic gondola was spectacular. Since it started raining again, we decided to immediately take the cog railway ‘Zugspitzbahn’ back to Garmisch. In the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten we had a leisurely end to the day and enjoyed some Bavarian beer.

Day 7: Return to Salzburg

Since we were a bit unlucky with the weather the day before and the sun was out again today, we decided to take the cog railway once again to Lake Eibsee and try the circular hiking route around the lake. And this turned out to be one of our best decisions and was more than worth it. This circular route and the colourfulness of this lake is ineffable. An incredible atmosphere and an impressive mood enveloped us during this 2-hour long circular walk. Around its five islands the lake glowed in turquoise-green. After our circumnavigation we took the railway back to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and from there made our way back home.

Each individual hiking day was simply stunning and fantastic due to the scenery. The hotels were really beautiful and we were welcomed cordially everywhere. Ever since this holiday I understand even better, why this hiking holiday is so popular and gets booked by so many people. Undoubtedly it is one of our classics with good reason.

If you are looking for a hiking holiday with a level of difficulty from easy to moderate featuring no big ascents, you are well advised to go for the hiking holiday ‘Around Mount Zugspitze’!

See you soon,

Yours, Madlene

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