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Team Members on Tour: Tenerife

The island of Tenerife has a lot to offer! The high-altitude hiking tours with lots of panorama starting in the North, along the wild Atlantic Ocean through impressive mountain chains to the West coast and the Teide National Park are simply so worth the experience!  I was especially riveted by the coastal views which are always quite different and unique from every altitude. Anyway, a Hiking Holiday on Tenerife fulfils everything hikers could ever wish for!

The hiking tours – totally varied!

Also countless phenomenal mountain views stuck in my memory especially. Smooth lines or rugged and jagged – the shapes of rocks and rock formations could not be more diverse. The more the route led towards the South, the more cacti and canyon-like mountains crossed my path. I felt just like in the ‘Wild West’! In contrast to this, other regions of the island surprised with a lush green spendor. The hiking tours lead past the most varied types of plants and flowers, especially the regions around the fruit plantations in the North of the island were simply drenched in colour. Also the hike through the Masca-gorge and the descent through the canyon all the way to the sea was very impressive. However the highlight awaited towards the end of this tour – by speedboat full throttle to Los Gigantes!

Regional with amazing quality

Garachico, the first town of the hiking holiday, is situated directly on the roaring Atlantic coast. The beautiful hotel Quinta Rocha is a perfect fit there. Straight away I realised with this hotel that mass processing is foreign to them. The house oozes a great traditional country house flair and the courtyard with its comfortable lounges is an absolute highlight. In Santiago del Teide, the next Day Finish, I spent the night in the hotel La Casona del Patio. This lovely restored stone house with refurbished rooms combines tradition with modernity.

Surrounded by mountains it is the perfect accommodation for hikers! In Los Gigantes I was welcomed by amazing hotel grounds, all comfort included. With the pool directly located at the sea – I simply wanted to dive in immediately. After a challenging hiking tour a plunge into the cool water is always invigorating. Situtated 1000 metres above sea level, surrounded by a type of volcanic scenery and in Teide National Park I spent my final overnight stay – a beautiful venerable SPA Hotel in Vilaflor – really very tasteful!

Canarian, fresh and local

A very special highlight on Tenerife is the food! Starting with breakfast local fruit was on offer in abundance. Apart from passion fruit and papaya there are also tiny bananas. They grow on plantations in the North, which means I have already come across baby-bananas on the hiking tours before. Little tip: these tiny bananas are a perfect fit as hiking provision for your rucksack. You can also find them on the weekly markets, which invite you to sample some food and have frequently crossed my path. Apart from the fruit varieties you find of course also plenty of vegetables.

I can particularly recommend the dish ‘Papa Arrugadas’! This delicious dish consists of little potatoes and a spicy sauce. Overall there are very nice sauces, fish- and meat dishes to sample. I especially enjoyed the cuisine and these delicacies in the Hotel Casona del Patio. They served local barbecued fish specialities in the traditional hotel restaurant which also many local people frequent. The island of Tenerife also provides very good wines. Since the final accommodation in Vilaflor was located in the winegrowing area, it was the perfect opportunity for me to taste and enjoy a glass!

The lesson is clear: Each hiking tour is completely different! Stunning tropical vegetation, challenging and athletic hiking tours and afterwards off into amazing hotels with traditional flair – A hiking holiday which will remain a beautiful memory for me!

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