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Happy and healthy in the home office

This is how to positively get through the time spent working from home

Many of us must move our office back home, which results in a real balancing act between private and professional life. Because in the home office, these two areas merge quickly so the living room is instantly converted into an office and the kitchen table becomes a multi-functional desk. It’s not always easy, but our teams at Eurobike and Eurohike are now increasingly relying on the use of home offices again in order to comply with the new measures and rules from the government to minimise social contact. We assure you that we are always there for you from home office too, because your customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

Now the main thing is to stay healthy and positive: even if things are still uncertain, we remain optimistic, because with a positive attitude to life and a few tips and tricks for everyday life, we are optimally positioned for our time in the home office.

But how does a successful, and at the same time happy and healthy time in home office work? We have some tips, inspiration and answers for you now!

The daily routine: structure your home office day

With a clearly structured daily routine, we start off our time working from home well. It is important to plan the day properly to not only stay physically well, but also emotionally balanced. This includes starting the day at a certain time and ending it at a certain time too. Other essential elements for an optimum workplace are:

  • Fixed workplace: If possible, choose a fixed place where you can work comfortably and in peace and which has sufficient daylight.
  • Fresh air: Ventilate every hour for about five minutes, with the window wide open. This helps expel stale air, including bacteria and viruses, outside. A water bowl on the heater with fresh water also helps to moisten the room and prevents our skin and mucous membranes from drying out.
  • Sufficient daylight: Ideally, the workstation is positioned to the side of the window so that you are not blinded and still have plenty of daylight. The home office area should be evenly illuminated, because a good light source – at best daylight – can motivate and relax at the same time.
  • Good posture: It is important to ensure a good and upright seating position. The soles of your feet should be on the floor and your knees and hips should form a right angle. The laptop is positioned in such a way that the posture of the head remains upright and the top edge of the screen is at eye level (when working with a laptop, simply tilt the screen backwards slightly). Every now and then, get up, stretch out and move around.

Stay connected: A good mood in the home office

In order for us to maintain contact with our colleagues while working from home, it is all the more important to stay in contact and maintain social relationships. Because personal interaction can quickly be neglected. We have some tips to put you in a good mood and help prevent a feeling of loneliness or isolation from creeping in.

  • Regular interaction: Whether by e-mail, telephone, video conference or chat – exchange ideas with your colleagues and inform each other about current topics.
  • Continue projects: Stay tuned in to current projects and use various channels for digital brainstorming as an example.
  • Good mood: You want to share something funny with your colleagues? Then do that! Don’t hesitate to let your team be part of it.
  •  Motivation and praise: Has a colleague mastered a task particularly well? Just speak up, praise the team member and celebrate the positive success. This not only ensures a good team spirit, but also provides motivation to your colleagues.

Breaks to re-energise: Time out in the home office

Breaks should also be included into the daily routine. These help to mentally distance oneself from the current activities, to reduce stimuli and to provide new focus and motivation. Small breaks, also known as ‘micro breaks’, provide the necessary time-out in just a few seconds or minutes – make a cup of tea or look into the distance to relieve the eyes. Macro breaks, on the other hand, are longer periods of rest of around 30 minutes, in which you either enjoy a short walk in the fresh air, cook something healthy or use the break for a quiet yoga session. As you can see, diversity in the home office is part of the programme and a great advantage, because here you can decide for yourself how to use your breaks, according to your wishes.

The diet: balanced eating in the home office

In keeping with the motto ‘you are what you eat’, we would like to provide a daily boost of energy and vitamins in everyday meals, which will keep your body and mind happy.  Because a healthy and balanced meal gives much more than we can imagine. Not only can we strengthen our immune systems, the valuable vitamins and fresh foods also serve as positive messengers for our psychological wellbeing. But what should we eat? A diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and fibre from whole grain products is essential. If you combine these good ingredients with a few wild herbs of autumn, some spices such as ginger, cinnamon or the particularly good saffron and turmeric, then this not only helps to put you in a good mood, you can also provide a boost to the immune system. Our tip: A weekly plan can help you plan shopping and healthy food even better and of course ensures that you are looking forward to good meals!

The main thing is exercise: stay active at home

Exercise, indoors or outdoors, is always good! This way we not only get our circulation going, but also do something good for our mental health and strengthen our immune systems. The combination of regular indoor and outdoor exercise is the ideal way to achieve a healthy time working from home. When properly dressed, spending time outside in the fresh air not only strengthens our immune defences, but natural daylight is also important for serotonin production (even on cloudy days, daylight is around four times stronger than the regular room lighting inside). There are already a variety of options for an active time at home. Whether relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation and Pilates exercise or a power workout – every energy level is catered for here. Our tip: plan regular and fixed breaks for exercise in your everyday life, your body and mind will thank you!

  • With these tips and sources of inspiration you can look forward to a daily life full of concentration, motivation, serenity and health and spend your time in the home office in a positive and relaxed manner.

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