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At home with the kids in Corona-times

Isabella tells us about her new everyday family life
Julian doing his homework

I usually sit in our office in Obertrum, Austria and process numerous bookings for our 2020 hiking trips, my children head off to school every day and my husband is hard at work. But everything also changed for us in one fell swoop with the onset of the Corona crisis. I started to work from home, parents are now teachers and social contact is only possible via Skype, Facetime etc. A completely new situation, which of course brings with it some challenges.

Would you like to know how things have gone over the past few weeks? Read for yourself:

Julian doing his homework

Mum, the new teacher

Honestly, I am surprised how well it is going! Our nine-year-old son has been home schooled for three weeks now. His primary school teacher has adjusted well to the current situation and gives us all the necessary worksheets regularly, the exchange between us parents and teachers generally works very well.

We have a lot to do so are rarely bored. Julian and I sit in the kitchen for at least 3 hours a day and work patiently. Regular breaks ensure our son’s mood remains tolerable. We use the fantastic weather to stretch our legs in nature. Cycling and a bit of football training (of course in our own garden) are great for escaping our own four walls.

Living together in Corona-times

The situation is of course not easy for Julian either, and his initial enthusiasm for the ‘Corona-holiday’ has already subsided. What makes him sad most of all is that he cannot see his grandparents, friends and football team. The only alternative is to spend a lot of time with his older brother, which is not so bad. Of course a part of this is arguing now and then which (not least thanks to the quickly occurring boredom) quickly leads to reconciliation.

My husband is also currently working from home. Fortunately, we have a lot of space in the house and garden, which makes it easier to live together.

Julian playing table football

Easter preparations

Fortunately, Easter is just around the corner, which provides lots of activities. Yesterday we prepared a lot for the coming Easter weekend: colouring eggs, decorating eggs with cress, making gifts for grandparents were great pastimes – and not just for the children! Today we will plant herbs, lettuce and flowers in the garden and tomorrow we will take a walk in the forest. So we make each day different so we can deal with this strange situation as best we can.

At the moment we can count ourselves lucky thanks to our living situation in the countryside and opportunity that brings, and our thoughts are with the many people around the world who are currently not doing as well as we are.

Julian with his self-coloured Easter eggs


Isabella Strasser

Ich wünsche Ihnen ein frohes und gesundes Osterfest!

Isabella Strasser
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