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Lechweg - Hiking from the spring to Stanzach

Along the river Lech with Astrid & Lisa
Hiker on the Lechweg

Beautiful Vorarlberg with all its wonders and enchanting views: Last year, two of our employees decided to go on a hiking holiday along the turquoise-blue Lech river. Colleague Astrid hiked the short version of the Lechweg hiking holiday, 6 days, and was able to switch off from everyday life in this beautiful scenery, while Lisa particularly appreciated the exciting hiking moments on her Lechweg hiking tour, 8 days. Find out here what the two of them experienced on their tours and what their highlights were.

Hiker on the Lechweg

Circular hike around Lake Formarin


A special surprise awaits us as soon as we arrive in Lech am Arlberg - snow-covered peaks, and that's in August! Just in time for the start of the hike, we take the hiking bus to Lake Formarin at 1,739 metres in glorious weather. With animal entertainment in the Vorarlberg ‘Alm Flair’, we hike down the Lech on narrow paths and gravel tracks to the village of Lech. Step by step, the river gains in size through many small tributaries. A true place of power! 

Brown cow against the backdrop of Lake Formarin



High up on the Rüfikopf


We now continue from Lake Formarin back towards Lech. We cross several wooden bridges and enjoy the hike in the late summer heat. The beautiful mountain landscape of Vorarlberg all around inspires us until we reach a fork in the forest. From then on, we walk steadily up and down through the forest, always accompanied by the sound of the Lech. We soon arrive back at the village of the same name on the Lech and round off a very hot day of hiking with a trip up the Rüfikopf and a few cool drinks. The view and the mountains from the Rüfikopf - a real dream!

View of the Rüfikopf

Great views on the path to Steeg


The weather is favourable again today and we set off early in the morning in the direction of Steeg. The leisurely path through the alpine landscape slowly leads us into the forest, where we are very close to the Lech again and follow it along steep forest slopes. A wonderful path through wild nature! We cross a bridge and enjoy another view of the Lech before covering the last few metres in altitude to Warth. Now we continue along the Lechweg path to Steeg. We continue across a marvellous alpine landscape with breathtaking views of the Wartherhorn and recharge our batteries before heading uphill for a while. The Lech accompanies us for the last few metres along the forest path until we arrive in Steeg. A wonderful day!

Hiker on the way to Warth against a mountain backdrop

Stopping off at the Natural Cheese Dairy Sojer in Steeg


A visit to the family-run Sojer cheese dairy is a must for every Lechweg hiker. With a large selection of cheeses and a cosy café parlour, there is something for everyone. The detailed production process can be viewed in the in-house show dairy and provides an insight into the production of high-quality products. If you look closely during your stay, you will even recognise this cheese at most hotel breakfast buffets: a sign of regionality in the Lech Valley.

Waterfall in Steeg

Holzgau hanging bridge, Jöchelspitz railway and Doser waterfall


The famous hanging bridge in Holzgau is the centrepiece of this village. You will need strong nerves here, but the crossing is rewarded with an incredibly beautiful view. High above the Lech, we continue on well-marked forest paths to the Jöchelspitz mountain railway. From the mountain station, we hike to the Lachenkopf in 20 minutes. The fourth and, for us, final hiking stage is a tough one, which is why we decide to take the optional shortcut with the hiking bus. Starting from Häselgehr, we follow the path symbol ‘L’ to the impressive Doser waterfall. The insects can also be observed as the route leads through a nature reserve.

Holzgau suspension bridge in the midst of nature

Taking a break at the "Wirt'n"


From the Jöchelspitze, there is a magnificent mountain panorama with wonderful views of the Lechtal valley. Back at the bottom, we continue our hike along a meadow and forest path. We walk the last few kilometres to Elbigenalp along the banks of the Lech before it starts to rain just a few minutes after we arrive. We round off the evening at the Restaurant zur Geierwally - the atmosphere and the food there are simply fantastic!


Once we arrive at the Gasthof zu Post in Stanzach, we are personally checked into our room by the manager. We look forward to meeting other Lechweg hikers over dinner and exchanging experiences. We round off the evening in a cosy atmosphere with the landlord himself. In general, hospitality is highly valued in the Lech Valley and we always feel welcome in our accommodation.

Astrid's Tips:

  • It's advisable to take enough provisions with you, as there are often no refreshment stops between the villages. However, a hiking snack is available on request in most hotels.
  • If you don't feel up to it, there are regular bus stops along the route, and the bus can even be used free of charge with a guest card.
  • You often cross cow pastures on the hike, so you should find out about the appropriate behaviour on the mountain pasture beforehand.

Lisa's Favourite place

The rustic and well-known traditional restaurant Restaurant zur Geierwally, located in the centre of the small village of Elbigenalp, makes you really feel the hospitality of the Tyroleans. Here, enjoyment and tradition take priority and the food is cooked with passion and love. And you can taste it! In addition to the rustic furnishings, the restaurant offers incredibly good Lechtal specialities and an excellent salad buffet. If you want to go on a culinary journey here with regional specialities, you should definitely book in advance!

Restaurant Geierwally from the outside

Astrid's favourite place

My absolute highlight comes on day 3, when we spontaneously decide to take an optional trip on the Jöchelspitz cable car. At an altitude of 1,800 metres, you get a unique view of the route you have already hiked - and of what still remains to be hiked. After about 20 minutes of walking, we reach our next summit, the Lachenkopf. During the hike, we wondered which animal might be at home up here on the mountain pasture. On the way back, a friendly herd of sheep awaits us as an unexpected wildlife surprise. If your energy reserves and time allow, this additional item on the programme is highly recommended!

Hiker and flock of sheep on the mountain
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