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Reviewing the last 20 years at Eurohike

Hiker at a viewpoint with Lago di Cornino in the background

20 years ago, Eurohike Wanderreisen began its journey with a vision: to offer hiking enthusiasts unforgettable experiences in the great outdoors. Since then, much has changed, improved and developed. On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we would like to take a look back together with our long-time employee Christina and highlight the remarkable developments, successes and changes of the last two decades. Join us on this nostalgic walk through the history of Eurohike Hiking Tours and discover how we have continuously evolved to offer our guests the best hiking experiences. Read for yourself what Christina has to say!

Hiker at a viewpoint with Lago di Cornino in the background

From group holidays to individual experiences

In the early years of Eurohike, guided group tours were at the centre of our offering. These tours took place on fixed dates and were led by an experienced hiking guide. Participants came from all over the world: Germans, Dutch, Norwegians, Swiss, Americans, Australians and Scots, to name but a few. These were often fixed groups or regular guests who returned every year. 

Over time, we reduced the number of fixed dates and set a minimum number of four participants. In addition, a group hiking guide could still be booked on request. However, demand increasingly shifted towards individual tours. During this phase, I developed numerous new tours - there are now around 35 to 40 routes that I have been able to organise. This change enabled us to cater even better to the individual wishes and needs of our guests.

Optimised travel organisation

The organisation of our holidays has continuously improved over time. Initially, there was a lack of information sources. Over time, however, the materials available have increased, both on the Internet and from tourist information centres. Today, in addition to traditional maps, we also use Google Earth and various satellite images to plan our routes. We also have access to ever better and more technically advanced GPS devices. Despite the technological advances, it remains essential that we test the routes personally and research them on site; every route is personally tested and inspected. Our aim is to offer our guests only the best, and that means knowing and testing every hike personally.

Hiker on a hiking trail

Development of travel documents

Over the years, not only our holiday options but also the quality of our travel documents have steadily improved. In the early days, our route books were designed like comics, with pictures and arrows pointing the way. To increase the comfort of our guests, the route books were soon offered in specially designed transparent film pockets with loops to hang around the neck - a practical solution. Over time, we also improved our hiking maps; our routes were now highlighted in colour, which made navigation much easier. They were supplemented by detailed altitude profiles, which became increasingly precise over time.

Travel documents

The introduction of the Eurobike & Eurohike On Tour App

Switching to our app was a major project, but it has proven to be extremely beneficial. The app offers enormous advantages for organisation, and the digital map is very practical and convenient for navigation. As long as you can see your position on the coloured route, you know you're on the right track. Although we still offer printed route books, which should be taken along for safety reasons, the daily descriptions and travel information can also be found in the app. The ability to transfer the latest updates, current route rerouting, closures and additional information to the app in real time is particularly practical. As soon as we add new information in the project management, our guests can see it immediately in the app - all they have to do is reload the journey data, which is very quick. This saves a lot of phone calls, printouts at the hotel and transmission difficulties.

Eurohike App

Our team - The heart of Eurohike hiking holidays

Over the last 20 years, not only our company but also our team has grown steadily. When I joined Eurohike 17 years ago, the company consisted of exactly two people. I was then number three and my role was initially limited to that of a hiking guide.

Since those humble beginnings, many clever minds and quick feet have come together to achieve great things. New departments have been created and many dear colleagues have joined us. The many friendly staff at the stations, whom I have met on numerous trips over the years, have become valued colleagues.

A few years ago, we introduced the "Team members on Tour" concept, which allows our employees to experience the trips for themselves and get to know them better. Our product training has become more and more optimised and comprehensive, supported by our Eurofun Academy, which provides continuous training. Eurofun also offers the opportunity to have fun together outside of work and to strengthen team spirit.

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