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Gentle detox

With the following tips, you start the New Year feeling relieved and lighter
Drink tea and detox gently

Do you want to start the new year with full strength and energy and leave the old ballast behind? Then our tips for the right combination of exercise and nutrition are just perfect for you. Because regular exercise and an intact gut play the central role in our well-being.

What the body needs now for its balance and how you can detoxify it in a gentle way, we reveal to you on our HikingBlog. After all, there is nothing better than gently ridding yourself of superfluous substances and feeling your body take off again after just a short time.

Drink tea and detox gently

More vital energy & well-being

An unbalanced diet and a lack of exercise renders us sluggish, puts a strain on our digestive organs and imbalances them. This results in brain fog, tiredness, mood swings and susceptibility to infections. Did you know that about 80 percent of all our body’s immune cells are located in the gut? Three-quarters of our own reorganisation processes only work without problems, if our digestive tract also works optimally. Furthermore, the intestine is connected to our brain and thus to our psyche. Digestive problems can therefore also affect our mood, cause inner restlessness or even depressive moods. Conversely, our mood also affects the digestive system. With a good balance of exercise, nutrition, good sleep and periods of rest, we create ideal conditions for our well-being, our digestive organs and self-healing in the body.

Relaxation with yoga

More lightness through exercise

As a general rule: set yourself achievable goals which can be easily integrated into your everyday life. These include for instance short Pilates or Yoga sessions. Active time in the fresh air is particularly beneficial for body and mind. Probably the most natural form of movement is walking or hiking. This form of exercise decelerates, strengthens our immune system, replenishes our vitamin stores and gently improves our fitness level. Did you know that continuous exercise activates your relaxation mode, reduces stress hormones and lifts our spirits? Hiking is a real panacea and provides a unique timeout in the fresh air. Also a short, brisk walk during lunch break immediately stimulates the circulation and recharges your energy levels for the afternoon. Whether it is walking, Pilates, yoga, cycling or hiking – either way, you will soon feel how good being active is for body and mind.

Food for a healthy new start

The basis for a gentle detox is to strengthen the digestive system. Detoxification can only be successful without side effects, if the intestinal mucose layer is intact. Furthermore, attention needs to be paid to a plant-based and high-fibre diet including legumes and whole grain products. We will now reveal to you which foods and nutrition support gentle detoxification:

  • Regional and therefore seasonal, as well as high-quality products should be top of the list on your menu.  
  • Light, flash-cooked dishes stimulate the digestive fire.
  • Alkaline diet: try to eat an alkaline diet. This includes alkaline-forming fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, sprouts, alkaline herbs and teas. Especially the juice of a lemon or apple cider vinegar support the liver.
  • Furthermore, the microorganisms contained in food, also known as probiotics, are a real feel-good program for your intestines. These can be found in fermented foods such as fresh sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt, miso, tempeh or fermented tofu. Feel free to include these foods in your diet several times a week and you will see how quickly your energy and intestinal health return.

  • Bitter substances strengthen the bile and liver and support the body with detoxification. Spinach, chard, kale, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, rocket, chicory, nettle, tumeric, cinnamon and thyme are particularly rich in natural bitter substances. Bitter substances however can for instance also be taken as drops or drunk as organic tea.
  • In addition to herbal teas, drink plenty of water. It is best to start your day with a glass of water (about 400 ml). This is how you cleanse your body of metabolic liver residues as soon as you get up. Drinking water regularly during the day also ensures that all required substances are distributed evenly in the body and that waste products that are no longer required can be excreted quickly.
  • During the intensive phase of detoxification, try to avoid stimulants such as nicotine, alcohol and emotional stress as much as possible.

A ‚reset‘ for body and mind with periods of rest

In addition to exercise and nutrition, appropriate rest periods also play an essential part in a successful reset of body and mind. Even short moments of rest at work, so-called mini breaks of just a few minutes, allow you to improve concentration, be more attentive, more productive, in a better mood and also less susceptible to illness. During this short break, you should detach yourself from your current activity, think of something else and also be in a different place than at your workplace. Outside of work, these rest periods are just as important. Do you feel like you cannot find time to rest? Then plan these important breaks as a fixed point in your weekly schedule – this time only belongs to you and to things that are good for you. Whether you like to read a book, meditate, treat yourself to a massage or enjoy the fresh air on a park bench during this relaxation phase is entirely up to you.

Deceleration and relaxation

Our conclusion

With the right amount of exercise and rest, as well as a balanced diet, nothing stands in the way of a successful reset of your health. This ensures more well-being and energy, which you can use gloriously for your next individual walking holidays.

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