Our Hiking-App

The App "Eurohike" is fully available for all Eurohike guests, to make it easier for you to find your way on our original Eurohike hiking tour and to prevent you from needing to look at the maps and detailed route description all the time. The app is free and works on every smartphone (Android, iPhone).

We will happily provide you with the GPX-tracks for your booked hiking tour for free. We will email them to you together with your digital travel documents before your tour starts.

Important note: the maps are available in the offline mode to avoid you getting data charges.

Eurohike Hiking-App

To use the Hiking-App follow these 6 stages:

  1. Download the App (detailed description below)
  2. We will send the GPX-Tracks together with your travel documents
  3. Receive the GPX files by email
  4. Open the tracks in the App
  5. Download each relevant map for your holiday
  6. Go!

You can find detailed information within the operating instructions.

App Download

Operating instructions

What can our App do?

  • The App is available for Android und iPhone for free and without ads.
  • The App works with offline maps. You can download the required files and maps from home to avoid data and/or roaming charges.
  • The App is extremely easy to use. You will find your way superbly with it.
  • The App always reliably shows you the way. This means that if there are any missing signposts or other problems, it doesn’t affect your hiking tour.
  • The App shows your position on the map with just one tap allowing you to easily see if you are going the right way.
  • The App shows you with just a few taps the entire route of the selected stage, including the distance that you have already hiked and how much further you have to go.
  • The App is safe and reliable, but you will also be given the usual printed maps and route description.
  • The App takes you the same way as our detailed travel documents would to each day’s destination.
Valerie Haring
"I am happy to assist with any questions concerning our app!"
Valerie Haring, Travel specialist
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