Walking holiday in the enjoyment-Region 'Wachau'

Terraced vineyards, apricot orchards and the ‚Heurigen’-wine tavern culture
Vine and enjoyment on the hiking trail Wachau

In the Wachau region a wine tavern is called ‚Heuriger’ and apricots are called ‚Marillen’. Experience this and further character traits of the possibly most charming region of Lower Austria. Since 2000 the Wachau region is part of the UNESCO-World Cultural Heritage – and that is for a reason. This region situated in the Danube river valley is packed with surprises, which need to be discovered. Only to name a few, ranging from a hidden vineyard to the castle ruin Dürnstein, where Richard the Lionheart was once held captive.

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Walking and wine in the ‚green heart’ of Lower Austria

There are a few things you cannot avoid during a hiking holiday in the Wachau: wine, juicy fruit and the river Danube. And that is quite alright, since all these things are characteristic features for the region located between the towns of Melk and Krems. We especially recommend spending time in the Wachau region in spring, summer and autumn: be it for the tender, white apricot blossoms, the shade of a pergola covered in grapevines at the ‚Heurigen’-wine tavern or the vintage taking place later in the year. By the way: nowhere else will you be closer to vintage wines than in the Wachau region. In many places the routes lead directly through vineyards. With the wine growing area right in front of you and the river Danube at your feet, can it really get any better on a hiking holiday?

Hiker on the World Heritage Trail Wachau

Long-distance hiking path ‚Welterbesteig’ in the Danube-valley

Numerous advantages on a hiking holiday along the ‚Welterbesteig’-path just as we offer it at Eurohike are very convincing. For a start you get to look forward to the popular, tried and tested Eurohike luggage transfer service. We make sure your luggage is reliably taken to your next accommodation before your arrival there. Also Eurohike hiking experts personally walk and check out the route in the Wachau on a regular basis. That way we can make sure no new favourite places or sights are missing on this hiking holiday.

The result? A hiking experience which expands horizons and delights taste buds. Over seven days you get to explore the most beautiful places along the ‚Wachau Welterbesteig’-path and do not miss out on any sights, of which there are many in the Wachau region – for instance, the romantic village of Dürnstein, Melk monastery or the historic town of Krems. Seize the opportunity and take a break in one or more ‚Heurigen’ for a characteristic meal. Alternatively sample wines such as ‚Riesling’ and ‚Grüner Veltliner’, which are typical for this region, at the vintners in the Wachau.

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We are happy to answer your queries regarding hiking routes in the Wachau as well as our services and service-packages! Naturally this also applies to our other Eurohike hiking regions such as the Tyrol or the Salzkammergut region for instance!

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