A late start to the 2020 hiking season

Katharina tells us about the current situation in the Eurohike office

Of course, we at Eurohike hiking holidays are also struggling with the corona-crisis and the associated regulations and restrictions. This is why we are all happy that a little routine has returned to our everyday lives. The time in our home offices is over for the time being and we can now be found again in our beautiful, new Eurohike office in Obertrum. What has happened since then and how are we doing at the moment? Read for yourself:

Our new everyday life in the office

About a month ago, my colleagues and I were very relieved – we were allowed to move back into our office in Obertrum in early May. Away from the home office and towards ‘normal’ daily work as we knew it before. Initially, it was a big change for us to work from home, and we all had to get used to it. A certain routine evolved over time, but our colleagues were missing. That is why we were all pleased to move back to work in the Eurohike office. So it was with a good mood we went back to Obertrum on the first Monday in May. The most common topic of conversation in the first days was of course the past few weeks working from home. During our chats, it quickly became clear that although we were all in the same situation, it was different for everyone. For some it was a bit more stressful, for others it was more relaxed, but the most important thing – everyone came back to the office fit and healthy and that’s the main thing.

We are currently working on the numerous enquiries, rebookings, cancellations and new bookings that reach us every day. Boredom doesn’t reach us in the Eurohike office despite the travel restrictions!

Many of our hiking enthusiasts, for whom trips had to be cancelled due to the pandemic and the associated travel restrictions, have decided to rebook. We are of course very pleased that so many guests remain loyal to us even in this difficult time and continue to book hiking tours with us. The numerous inquiries and new bookings for our tours in June motivate us every day!

You can tell that the wanderlust has not subsided, and everyone is looking forward to active experiences again.

Hiker in front of the amazing Hintersee

Our new short trips

As already mentioned, we definitely don’t get bored in the office. We are currently working on our new short trips, which we are increasingly offering due to the current situation. Several cross-border tours in Germany, Austria and Italy have already been revised, adapted and shortened. The hiking tour ‘Bavarian & Salzburg Alps’, which I take care of myself, has been modified and can now be booked with the 5 days/4 nights option exclusively with hiking in Austria.

By the way: You can also find many other great short trips and all the information you need on our website.

The start of the season in June

For weeks no one could say exactly when we could finally start the 2020 hiking season. My colleagues and I were therefore pleased when we learned that the season could start on June 1st and June 15th as soon as the borders reopened. Even though restrictions still exist in certain countries, it was definitely a ray of hope after these difficult weeks.

Of course, this great news also involves a lot of work. All travel documents must be processed and printed so that they are ready in time for the arrival of our guests.

That is why I am currently working on tour documents for my hiking tour ‘Salzalpensteig 1’. This tour only takes place in Germany, so the season starts in early June. That means the first German guests will start our hiking tours in less than a week and we are already very excited and full of anticipation.

As you can see, we are very busy at work and looking forward to the upcoming season start. So stay healthy! Hopefully we can welcome you in the near future on a beautiful hiking trip from Eurohike.

Robi on the bike
Sabrina Huber
We look forward to the late start to the hiking season!
See you soon, Katharina
Sabrina Huber, Travel specialist
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