Hiking holiday, but safe

Because your safety is our top priority

Hiking holidays should bring lasting relaxation, provide time to replenish your energy reserves and ensure active time-out in nature. Our Eurohike active holidays offer the ideal form of individual hiking tours and meet all of these important factors. Especially in the current time, a phase of change, it is all the more important to look at safety, to take certain precautions and measures so that your hiking trip is guaranteed to be the perfect and unforgettable active experience away from the crowds. We are now going to tell you what has changed for our guests and employees on our Eurohike hiking tours in terms of safety and hygiene and how we can all ensure that your hiking holiday will still be the perfect experience for body and soul.

The four pillars of a safe hiking holiday

Over the past few weeks, the entire Eurohike team have been working intensively on how to create the ideal balance between your successful active holiday experience and the necessary safety precautions and hygiene measures. Our usual Eurohike Hiking Plus including smooth luggage transfer, extensive travel documents, reliable on-site support and the carefully selected hotels and accommodation are of course always guaranteed. Certainly, you can always reach us on the Eurohike service hotline. In order to anchor all existing and new measures, we have divided these steps into four pillars, which serve as the basis for your safe and healthy active holiday.

Employees and hygiene: What we do

The first step is to protect people, you as our guests, and of course, our employees. Therefore, we have defined this point as the first pillar. In order to ensure the highest hygiene standards, our station managers and drivers wear face masks, gloves and always have a means for hand disinfection at hand. Our team members are trained on the hygiene regulations to be observed and are aware of the new standards. You will receive your travel documents in digital form in advance (for arrivals up to and including 30.06.2020). The detailed package with all documents, maps and route descriptions is waiting for you in your arrival hotel. Our personal tour information talks on the original Eurohike tours are cancelled for safety reasons. Of course, you can contact us with your questions and concerns at any time – our Eurohike team looks forward to hearing from you.

On-site service: How it works

Luggage transport in your travel destination, as well as guest transfer, also comply with the highest hygiene and safety standards. We have defined these important points as our second pillar of security. A smooth transfer of your luggage from one accommodation to the next is guaranteed on our Eurohike hiking tours. Of course, this is based on the essential security aspects. This also applies to guest transfer on site. Here too, it is mandatory for all occupants to wear face masks and to keep a safe distance. Our recommendation for you: Pack your facemask, disinfectant and possibly disinfectant wipes in your day bag. Because together we are on the right path and can create a secure base for your well-deserved hiking holiday.

Now to the bikes: Of course, our Eurobike cycling holidays take into account the hygiene safety of our bikes. Perhaps you are wondering how the necessary hygiene measures can be implemented here? Very easily. Our bikes are washed completely after each guest and are disinfected afterwards – hence your safety is guaranteed.

Hotels and accommodation: What to expect

An important point, and therefore our third pillar to ensure your protection and safety in the accommodation during your trip. All hotels have taken appropriate precautions to ensure the important hygiene measures are met. After all, you should be able to relax in your accommodation without worry after an active day of hiking. Upon arrival, the hotel staff will be happy to inform you of all essential details and arrangements. It could also happen that certain hotel areas such as the fitness and wellness area can only be used to a limited extent – please understand. After a long hike, not only is relaxation important, but you are also looking forward to an enjoyable evening in the hotel restaurant. These areas in the hotel and the service is based on the safety standards according to the recommendation of the respective government. So, there is nothing standing in the way of your culinary delight – spoil yourself!

Flexibility: As uncomplicated as your hiking holiday can be

The fourth and final pillar is the flexibility of travel planning. Due to some entry restrictions and border closures, we had to adjust individual stages and adapt the route guidance of these hiking tours. This applies, for example, to journeys by train across national borders or certain cable car transfers. This does not affect your overall hiking experience in any way, our Eurohike team has, of course, worked out an equivalent alternative route for your hiking trip, we promise. So, if you combine our four pillars of safety with the Eurohike Hiking Plus, nothing stands in the way of a perfect hiking holiday!

With a good feeling, we at Eurohike ensure your safe active holiday experience!