New hiking tours in the 2020 Euohike programme

We have been looking for the most beautiful routes and most exciting regions for the coming 2020 season – and of course we have found them! In addition to our well-tested classics, we have many beautiful new regions and routes in the programme. Whether in Austria, Italy, France, Great Britain, Portugal and many more destinations! They all include the usual Eurohike service – perfect organisation and sophisticated route guidance. We are pleased to present to you our new hiking tours!

New Eurohike original tours

View of the Brennsee in Feld am See

Carinthian lakes & mountains

Panoramic hiking in Austria’s sunny south

“Enjoy living with pleasure and serenity”, take the attitude to life of the Carinthians and experience the highlights over 8 days. In the southernmost province of Austria, the glittering Carinthian lakes await you with a variety of far-reaching views as far as Slovenia and mountain vistas of the Villach Alps. On this journey you hike on beautiful, varied hiking trails, forest roads and forest tracks. Often you can customise the daily walking stages to try simpler or more advanced alternatives according to your preference. 

Moderate Walking: Carinthian lakes & mountains | Individual self-led tour | 8 days | Arrival Thursdays and Saturdays from 02.05 until 03.10. 2020 | from EUR 659 per person

Picturesque Tuscany

Medieval villages, wine & the Tuscan coast

Our new journey in Tuscany starts in the heart of central Italy – in Florence. Due to the rich culture and history there is a lot to see. Florence impresses with its palaces, Michelangelo’s David and other magnificent buildings. You will explore the hills of the famous Chianti region along lonely footpaths, past historic sites and while breathing in the salty air of the sea on Via Sale. Enjoy the excellent cuisine throughout the trip and enjoy the sound of the waves in the Cecina Mare – La dolce vita!

Moderate Walking: Picturesque Tuscany | Individual, self-led tour | 8 days | Arrival Sundays from 05.04 until 11.10.2020 | from EUR 689 per person

Panoramic hiking in Vinschgau

The most beautiful parts of South Tyrol

South Tyrol is still one of the most popular hiking regions in Europe. It’s understandable, because the Mediterranean mild climate and the wild and romantic mountains create exciting hiking opportunities. Therefore, we have created a panoramic tour exploring the most beautiful corners of South Tyrol. Sleepy mountain villages on the one hand and historic castles and palaces on the other – the enjoyment of South Tryol will be at the forefront. The long Vinschgau Valley offers fabulous views of the high mountains and those of Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Walking: Panoramic hiking in Vinschgau | Individual, self-led tour | 8 days | Arrival Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 19.06 until 20.09.2020 | from EUR 599 per person

Tour character
Moderate Walking

Carinthian Mountains & Lakes

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character

Panorama Hiking in the Vinschgau

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character
Moderate Walking

Picturesque Tuscany

8 Days | Self-guided tour

More new hiking tours in Austria

Charming Lechweg

Long walks from river source to waterfall

Follow the magical turquoise Lech on its 125 kilometer journey from its source in the Austrian Lech am Arlberg, to the Lechfall in Füssen in the Bavarian Allgäu. Wander past one of the largest mountain goat colonies and be enchanted by the castles of the Bavarian King Ludwig and spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges. On this new hiking tour, you will discover one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe and the untamed beauty of the cross-border Alpine region.

Walking: Enchanting Lechweg | Individual, self-led tour | 9 days | Arrival daily from 19.06 until 26.09.2020 | from EUR 699 per person

Styrian volcano country route

Hiking in the footsteps of the volcanoes

In the border area with Slovenia sits a largely untouched landscape in the extreme southeast of Austria. During hikes through the hills, created by extinct volcanoes, you will discover, among other things, many species of birds and butterflies. Reward yourself with a glass of wine from the dreamy vineyards or with a typical Austrian ‘Brettljause’ (plate of cold meat and cheese) from one of the numerous huts by the roadside.

Walking: Styrian volcano country route | Individual, self-led tour | 8 or 7 days | Arrivals daily 12.04 until 18.10.2020 | from EUR 499 per person

Tour character
Mountain Walking

Enchanting Lech-River-Path

9 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character

Styrian Volcanic Path

8 Days | Self-guided tour

More new hiking tours in Italy

Karnischer mountain trail

On the border between Italy and Austria

This unique, high-altitude trail can’t be missed by all hiking and nature lovers. Unparalleled views of the Sesto Dolomites and the entire UNESCO World Heritage landscape characterise this hiking trip. Over 8 days you walk in the land of marmots and past numerous mountain lakes. Nature presents itself in varied ways: vast plateaus and lush meadows on one side and rugged Dolomite peaks on the other.

Walking: Karnischer mountain trail | Individual, self-led tour | 8 days | Arrival Saturdays from 20.06 until 19.09.2020 | from EUR 689 per person

Mountains & sea in Cilento

Hiking on the pristine coast of the sirens

Paestum offers you the best-preserved Greek temples. Southwards, the hiking trip leads along lonely beaches and on breathtaking mountain paths. Immerse yourself deeper into the unique region of Campania and discover the powerful beating heart of Cilento on the scenic hiking and coastal paths. After the hikes, treat yourself to a refreshing dip in the sea. Cozy fishing villages convey maritime flair and impress with delicacies from the Cilento region.

Walking: Mountains & Sea in Cilento |Individual, self-led tour | 8 days | Arrivals daily 01.04 until 15.10.2020 | from EUR 689 per person

New hiking tours in Croatia

Port in Istria

Dalmatian island paradise

The most beautiful islands of the Croatian coast

You start your hiking trip to the most idyllic islands of the Adriatic coast from the historic city of Split. Experience Croatia with all your senses – feel the salty breeze of the sea and enjoy the scent of Cypresses and oleander plants. The sand is golden and the waves shine in turquoise. Finally you will reach the medieval picture-postcard city of Dubrovnik. Island hopping couldn’t be more beautiful!

Walking: Dalmatian island paradise | individual, self-led tour | 8 days | Arrivals daily 15.03 until 30.11.2020 | from EUR 999 per person

New hiking tours in Switzerland

Beautiful countryside in Valais

Aletsch panoramic trail & Lötschberg south ramp

Hiking classics on the southern Alps

On this hiking trip you will be in the midst’s of the Alps, discovering two of Switzerland’s greatest hiking classics in one go. The unique alpine landscape of barren rock and rugged ice impresses with the peaks of the Valais Alps and the huge ice masses of the Aletsch Glacier create a stunning panorama. Imposing views and panoramic mountain trails make this journey a unique experience in the midst of the spectacular Swiss mountains.

Mountain hiking: Aletsch mountain trail & Lötschberg south ramp | Individual, self-led tour |7 days | Arrivals daily 20.06 until 11.10.2020 | from EUR 789 per person


Tour character
Mountain Walking

Aletsch Panorama Trail & Lötschberg South Ramp

7 Days | Self-guided tour

New hiking trails in the UK & Ireland

Pembrokeshire Wales

Coastal walks from Newport to St Davids

This trip has a lot to offer nature lovers: spectacular coastlines, secluded coves and long sandy beaches feature on this trip. Amongst other things, you walk through flowering fields and along rugged coastal paths to traditional British fishing villages. Finally the beautiful town of St Davids with its famous cathedral awaits you – in the area of the famous Whitesands Bay you can look back on an eventful hiking trip.

Walking: Pembrokeshire Wales | Individual, self-led tour | 8 days | Arrivals daily 01.04 until 01.10.2020 | from EUR 599 per person

Wicklow Way

Ireland’s oldest long-distance hiking trail

Start in the middle of the green hills, deep in the Wicklow Mountain National Park near the Irish coast. The oldest long-distance hiking trail in Ireland not only has a lot to offer in terms of landscape, but you will also learn about the wonderful history of Ireland. In typical B&Bs you will get to know warm hosts and in the evening you can enjoy live music in the many traditional pubs. If you want to experience Ireland up close, you are well advised with this trip.

Walking: Wicklow Way | Individual, self-led tour | 10 or 8 days | Arrivals daily 28.03 until 11.10.2020 | from EUR 688 per person

New hiking trails in Portugal

Hiking panorama Sao Jorge faja Caldeira sto Cristo

Wonder world Azores

Hot springs, black beaches & exotic plants

If you have always wanted to get to know the wonder world of the Azores, then you are in the right place with this new individual hiking tour! Because in hiking boots you not only learn about the quiet way of life, but also the highlights of the landscape. On the main island of São Miguel there is perfect hiking weather all year round – also the best ingredient for the many plant species living there.

Moderate walking: Wonder world Azores | Individual, self-led tour | 8 days | Arrivals daily 01.04 until 31.10.2020 | from EUR 799 per person

Tour character
Moderate Walking

Magic world of the Azores

8 Days | Self-guided tour

New hiking tours in Greece


Azure sea, mountains and dreamy villages

Mountains and sea come together to impress on this beautiful island. Get to know the islands’ impressive gorges, mountain ranges and cliffs sloping steeply into the sea as closely as only a hiking holidays allows. After your walks, picturesque villages with tasty Greek food await you.

Walking: Crete | Individual, self-guided tour | 8 days | Arrivals daily 01.05 until 15.10.2020 | from EUR 529 per person

Tour character


8 Days | Self-guided tour
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