Natural home remedies for blisters, chafing etc

Back to the roots: healing herbs

Who hasn’t had them, those unpleasant blisters, which torment you while hiking? Every step becomes a painful challenge. Brand-new shoes, the wrong socks, and too tight or too firm shoes – all of these can cause blisters on the feet. That’s why perfectly fitting footwear is the alpha and omega of any hike, whether summer or winter.

Tip: Be sure to wear new shoes before using them for the first time to avoid friction, and tie your boots properly. Recommendation of the Eurohike team: Listen to professional advice when purchasing trekking and hiking boots!

What can you do against blisters etc? Well-known remedies and herbs will help with acute blisters and sores. Find out which of these genuine home remedies can treat, prevent and care for unwanted blisters.

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Self-help measures and the prevention of blisters

You are already feeling those tell tale signs that a blister is immanent? At best, you have packed a blister patch in your hiking first aid kid and can immediately stick it on. No plaster handy? Then try to relieve the pressure with a cold compress on the next break or at latest on arrival in the valley. Just soak a towel in ice-cold water with a little salt. And voila – the pain will ease in no time!

Good to know: avoid piercing blisters. So no germs can penetrate into the open wound and cause an infection. Tip: To avoid blistering, rub your feet with petroleum jelly or baby powder. Even thin silk socks under normal hiking socks are true miracle weapons.

By the way: A small emergency kit including plasters and a bandage should be included in your backpack on every hiking trip. More information? Find our post hiking tips here.

Top three home remedies for blister control:

1. Green tea

Green tea is not only a healthy drink but also has an anti-inflammatory effect. It contains many antioxidants and vitamins that accelerate wound healing.

2. Aloe vera

It’s not only for sunburn, but also for blisters. Aloe vera is the panacea wonder drug par excellence. Applying this plant secretion accelerates the healing process, combats inflammation and provides the skin with vital moisture and nutrients.



3. Tea tree oil

This remedy should be in every household! Tea tree oil is the magic weapon for all skin problems. The antibacterial properties of the oil provide rapid healing and relief from blister pain. Tip: Let the oil work in for about ten minutes. Repeat this until healing is visible.

If you’re struggling with sore muscles on a hike, here are some simple tips against burning calves.

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Chafing – what to do?

On long hikes on the mountains there is a risk of getting sores on the body. This can be the result if the skin rubs against clothes. Wide clothing and the wrong materials are common culprits.

What can you do? Choose the right clothes. Pay attention to materials (breathable functional fabrics) and put on tight trousers and shirts.

Ointments and powders are particularly suitable for the treatment of chafing. Tip: apply Vaseline to the appropriate areas of the skin. Also, antiseptic baths with ‘betaisodona solution’ promotes the healing process.



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