Planning can save you money


Everyone has experienced it, the longing for leisure time, holidays and simply time to take a break from everyday life. Especially then, when you have just been on holidays and your brain would like to switch over into holiday mode yet again! Why not increase the anticipation and plan your next hiking holiday for spring slightly earlier? The Eurohike-team has compiled the best reasons, why it is worth booking early!

Be a step ahead: holidays and research

Spontaneous holiday makers let their gut decide, which usually is not a bad idea. However, when planning your holiday at short notice it is easy to forget one or two things when in a hurry. That is why we think it is better to plan and organise. On top of that there is also: if you think about your hiking holiday for spring already you might make better use of your days off.

Meaning in practice: grab the calendar for 2019 and find out all Bank Holidays and bridge days. That way with a bit of clever forward planning you might increase your total of 25 days off per year to a whopping 57 days off.

Additionally, you can research extensively together with your travel companion and give real thought to travel destinations and individual desires. Via our Holiday Search find the perfect holiday destination for your next hiking holiday.

Become a bargain hunter!

The advantage for people who book early is: You know precisely when and where you embark on your holiday next year. Due to timely planning not only early holiday anticipation is awakened! But you also notice early enough, when checking your equipment, that your hiking boots or rain jacket have seen better days. In that case off to a shop you trust and buy bargain items in the sale. In winter all hiking equipment is usually already reduced and hence available at very reasonable prices.

But you do not only save money with your outfit and equipment, but also with flights you have real bargain rates available. People booking early usually are spoilt for choice. Choice of airlines and comfortable flight times are still superabundant. Never again experience yourself rushing to the airport after only three hours of sleep and killing time there at 3am! Sounds tempting? Then we recommend you book flights early and save both time and money!

Simply lean back and allow yourself to be spoilt!

The Eurohike-team makes it possible! The early bird has free choice. Desired date for holiday – check! Perfect room – check! Transfer from the airport to the hotel and other extras – check! An all-round sense of well-being package, tailored to your individual needs, ready and processed. For any questions the able team of experts is at your disposal with word and deed any time.

So, what are you waiting for – pencil in your holiday dates, research your holiday for 2019 at, choose your destination, book – and look forward to it! You are all set and ready for the next holiday!

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