What kind of climbing enthusiast are you?


When the mountain calls, the industrious hiker must respond and ascend! However not every trail makes it easy to reach the goal. The condition of the paths varies greatly as does the diverse mountain world. Oftentimes climbing equipment is required in addition to sturdy footwear in order for the ‘prophet’ to get up the mountain. Hence it stands to reason that we take a closer look at the different types of hikers and provide you with a benchmark, where your own hiking skills rank.

An overview of the different types of hikers

Just as colourful and diverse as the mountain world appears are also the various types of hikers romping about. How would you rate your own hiking experience in the mountains? No idea? No problem! For a start the Eurohike-team provides the best activity offers for EVERYONE ranging from easy to challenging. And so that you choose the perfect holiday tailored to your abilities and hiking preferences, we add a short overview of the various types of hikers. Do you love the freedom and quietness when on the mountain? But are unsure whether your fitness level is sufficient for the ascent? Then we recommend you read the Eurohike hiking blog now!


Mountain air makes hungry – the enjoyment hiker

A tour in the mountains and a ton of fresh air make you hungry – so why not combine a hiking tour with a few delicious feasts? The quaint alp huts nestling between summits and woodland in the mountains invite you to a comfortable snug break. How does that sound? The scent of a delicious cheese dumpling served on a bed of fresh salad or as part of a clear broth. For summiteers with a sweet tooth we recommend a traditional fluffy pancake laced with raisins and a cinnamomic plum puree on the side. Is your mouth already watering? It is all very reasonable if the challenging ascent is cut short by a cable car or gondola ride, in order to immediately skip to the comfortable part of the tour. In case you are overcome by itchy feet, enjoyment hikers prefer to walk on well-maintained paths which are not too steep and can easily be managed within about 3 to 4 hours walking time. Does that ring a bell? Then you are the typical enjoyment hiker, who appreciates hospitality whilst on a nice break!


Smile please – to capture the mountain backdrop on a photo – the hiker

You adore spending time in nature, however at the same time strive to make family and friends envious by taking breathtaking photos of the mountain backdrop? Then you fall into the category ‘classic hiker’. Comfortable tours on well-maintained hiking paths without any special technical demands are your favourite. And here and there a quick stop to take a commemorative snapshot. Is this how you envision the perfect hiking tour? Then the Eurohike-team has a great selection of attractive hiking offers ready for you!


Perfectly equipped and focused onto the goal – the mountain hiker

Larger differences in altitude and distances over several hours are not a problem for you. In case the route becomes more challenging from time to time and surefootedness is required, you are thrilled with the challenge. Mountain hikers also love routes away from the mainstream paths and prefer solitude, calm and tranquillity in the mountain scenery. Once you reach the summit you do not pull out your mobile phone straight away for an initial snapshot, but at most peer at your watch. Do you recognise yourself in that description? Then you rank as an ambitious mountain hiker, who when well-equipped outperforms and leaves countless metres in altitude behind. And once you reach the top you shout with glee at its best and take in the surrounding mountain world, panorama, flora and fauna.


The Alpine Pro with summit anticipation – the Trekking Specialists

You value the high-altitude euphoria, enjoy hiking on an altitude between 1500 and 2500 metres and love rocky mountain paths and exposed trails. Hearing your heart beat in your ears and feeling the summit anticipation tingling in your fingers create euphoria and happiness hormones in you. Apart from an awesome fitness level you also own the perfect equipment. Part of your basic equipment are trail running shoes, climbing rope, carabiner, plenty of provisions as well as weatherproof clothing and you know all about house rules on each respective refuge, alpine hut and mountain shelter. Ultimately you are an old stager regarding mountain hiking and on how to read altitude profiles. You like to challenge yourself and push your boundaries and enjoy the feeling of arriving at the summit, taking a deep breath and vent your thoughts. Clearly you are a genuine trekking expert.


Regardless of whether you are hiking type one, two, three or four – the Eurohike-team has the perfect holiday offers ready for you and is happy to advise you! Important is only one thing: you know your fitness level and will not overestimate yourself! Go for it and hike to the peaks of the beautiful mountain world!