Things to know about our luggage service


The luggage and you – a duo on separate paths

Your luggage is literally always one step ahead of you. Eurohike’s inclusive and practical luggage transfer renders this possible! Have you always wanted to embark on a hiking holiday into the far north, to the vivacious south or to the most stunning corners of Europe? The Eurohike team makes it possible. And the best of all, you do not have to give thought to which types of clothing and favourite things you cannot pack in your suitcase, since your luggage travels alongside you during your hiking holiday! You only carry a rucksack, which contains everything you need for your daily routes.

How this handy luggage service works and what to watch out for follows here!

Panoramic view onto Danube from Seekopf

No. 1: A light bag for the day instead of a very heavy load

Having to stop periodically catching your breath – not so uncommon when in the mountains! However not because you carry too much luggage. This is certainly not an issue with Eurohike hiking holidays! Naturally the reliable luggage service takes the heavy and bulky suitcases from one accommodation to the next.

That way you only have to pack the bare necessities for each daily hiking tour and hence avoid carrying any additional weight. All must-haves in your rucksack for the day are listed below!

No. 2: How does my luggage get from A to B?

Unnoticed and as if by magic the luggage always travels alongside you. You will always find it reliably and complete in your room before you arrive there! Find out more about the luggage transport! Every day you are asked to deposit your luggage at the hotel reception by 9 am at the latest. It is important that you attach a Eurohike luggage label to all items of luggage. Please find luggage labels as part of your travel documents. All labels have your booking name already printed on them. You only have to fill in the total number of luggage items and then your luggage is on its way. All items of luggage are guaranteed to be waiting for you in the room of your next hotel by 6 pm at the latest.

No. 3: Travelling without luggage is free of charge

All our holidays include a free luggage transport. A carefree and especially easy hiking experience is hence guaranteed! You have more than one item of luggage per person? No problem! With all Eurofun-quality holidays there is no limit to how many items of luggage you can bring. However please note the following: we ask all guests to not exceed the maximum weight of 20kg for each item of luggage. The reason: firstly it is more comfortable for the guest to pack two average-weight suitcases opposed to one really heavy one. And secondly out of consideration for our busy and reliable staff transporting the luggage. Although they are all very fit and strong we do not want to strain their backs unnecessarily!

No. 4: Straightforward all-round service provided by Eurohike

Not to worry about anything, not to heave any luggage and to simply allow your mind to wander during your holiday – this is just what our fuss-free luggage service provides. All you have to do is deposit your packed luggage at the reception before 9 am and soon your luggage travels effortlessly alongside you. You do not have to worry about anything, that’s a promise! The entire Eurohike-staff take care of the luggage transfer effortlessly.

Tip: Only pack the essentials in your hiking rucksack. Every additional kilo you have to carry on your back during the hiking holiday.

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