Ciao Ragazzi! Get to know Italy’s Dolce Vita by foot

5 reasons to go walking in Italy

La bella Italia! Italy isn’t famous for nothing, it is one of the nicest destinations for travelling in Europe. This well-known peninsula can be explored in a very special way by foot.

  • Artful traditions and culture
  • likeable people
  • excellent food
  • indescribably diverse landscapes
  • perfect climate for walking

Today we will share 5 reasons with you why it is always well-worth going to visit the Italian Boot.

1.      Italian flair:

Pizza, spaghetti, olive oil  und cappuccino - a true holiday feeling! Of course this true gourmet country has got hundreds of other delicacies on offer too. Overall the italian cuisine shines with pure taste, fresh products and mediterranean spices.  Mozzarella from Campania, wine and apple specialities as well as fish dishes from Sardinia’s East Coast are just a few examples of great Italian produce. Every region has got its own specialities. There are lots of small charming restaurants and bars offering italian flair.


2.      Perfect walking weather:

Italy’s climate gets the whole spectrum: from rain to bright sunshine. Italy’s climate is, however, generally mild. This means that it is an almost perfect location weather-wise for walking holidays all-year round. If there is a hot day ahead, this isn’t a problem for our guests. Our walking routes in Italy are particularly diverse and offer protection from the sun and the heat. Paths lead you, for example, through shady and forested area. Lakes like Lake Garda or Lake Kaltern provide wonderful refreshment and a lovely place to swim. When doing coastal walks in Piedmont, Liguria or Sardinia, the Mediterranean is a delightful place to go for a swim and to cool down.


3.      Lively and endearing – the Italians

The Italians themselves obviously make a large impact on how we perceive our holidays in Italy. Even just hearing Italian being spoken sends lots of people into holiday mode straight away. The lively and endearing Italian hospitality makes everyone feel even better whilst on walking holidays. The country and its people turn your stay into a special experience! Our walkers stay overnight in carefully selected hotels and guest houses far away from mass tourism. A perfect fit for our walking holidays!


4. Walks from A to Z

Unlike Austria, Italy doesn’t mark out its hiking paths with just a few exceptions (Cinque Terre). This makes the walks even more appealing. Information about tours and routes is often difficult to get in Italy, though this just gives the walks a touch of adventure. But don’t worry you are well-equipped with our travel documents! Explore the fascinating, self-guided walks in either Alpine or Mediterranean areas with Eurohike. We have got an extensive range of tours on offer for you - from the mountainous Piedmont, the mule track in the East Coast of Sardinia to the lemon groves in Campania by the Amalfi coast and past historical castle and vineyards in South Tyrol.

5. Art and Culture

Every stay in Italy is automatically a cultural and arty experience. Of course alongside other great things too! Almost every building is characterised by an elaborate era and every place that you go through has got its own story. There are countless museums, castles and ruins to visit here whilst following the traces of the former Roman Empire. Did you know that over half of all artistic and cultural treasures are in Italy? By going to Italy, it is a great way to combine a walking holiday with culture and you can do that without having to lug around your luggage! How do our tours around the historical spa town of Merano sound? 


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Sardinia's East Coast

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Campania’s Amalfi Coast

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8 Days | Self-guided tour