Hiking in a group setting


Hiking tips for a carefree time with friends

What we often miss out on in everyday life is spending time with friends. So why not consciously spend time together, leave daily life behind and delve into nature. Hiking is one of the most amazing leisure activities and can be organised easily as a group. Grab you most favourite people and off you go into the marvellous mountain world!

Hikers in the Chiemgauer alps

The appropriate route for maximum fun in a group setting

Sometimes as a large group it can be a challenge to choose a route suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, the following applies: If you hike in a group setting you also need to have a common goal! Hence the first step is: Come together and choose the perfect route for a group excursion. Apart from a date that all can make there is also the question: Where do you want to hike? What do you want to see during the hiking tour? For how long do you want to hike? And: Do all group members have the same fitness level?

Tip: The level of difficulty of the chosen hiking tour always needs to be adjusted to the least fit person in the group! To keep the level of fun high and not let things deteriorate swiftly into an unpleasant mood amongst you, all hiking group members need to be considerate of each other. It is better to slow down and adjust your own pace to the pace of the group!

Excellent planning is the Alpha and Omega of an enjoyable hiking experience

Not only the appropriate route is crucial for a group hiking tour. No! But also suitable clothing and equipment are essential. Since there is no bigger mood-killer than sore feet, wet socks and leaking clothes when encountering an unexpected downpour. So always check the weather forecast. And in case the prediction is not too good, then make sure you pack the appropriate equipment and prepare well, which will always help you to endure any downpour. One thing is of the utmost importance: suitable footwear. It is your choice whether you go for steel-capped hiking boots or very light 200g, breathable high-end trekking shoes. It is important though that your chosen footwear is suited to your chosen route and that you tie your hiking shoes correctly. For those of you who lack surefootedness when in the mountains we recommend you pack foldable hiking sticks in your rucksack. In case of a small downpour suddenly appears and softening the ground, you have two wonderful helpers at hand.

Panoramic views down to Merano

A hiking tour with unforgettable moments

All preparation is complete and everything is ready for a hiking tour with your favourite friends. In order to avoid boredom creeping in during the hike there are a few useful tips. Are ambitious friends part of the group? Then why not start a challenge! You can always integrate bets or games into the hiking tour, as you please. But what is more suited whilst in nature than to philosophize about anything and everything. That way deep conversation can emerge which are far superior to a ‘How are you?’ or ‘How is work going?’. Just try it! And in order to capture moments of the hiking tour for eternity, the motto is: Smile, please! Crazy photos, silly snapshots and paradise-like scenery images render a group hiking tour unforgettable.

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