7 tips to improve hiking fitness

Get your body hike ready in no time

Are you trekking enthusiast or a pleasure hiker who values accommodation with charm? Do you have a four-legged companion or do you prefer hiking in a large group? Whichever hiking type you are, these seven tips will get you and your body fit for the hiking season!

Hikers in the Chiemgauer Alps

Tip #1: Define your goals!

Do you have a clear hiking destination in mind? Do you want to finally conquer that mountain? Or is it time for a long-distance hike in Piedmont - Liguria? Whatever your goal, make sure it’s the right level for you.

Our tip: Find a hiking trail that suits you. We are happy to help!



Tip #2: The leg muscles

After a wonderful day of hiking, the next day brings you some lovely sore muscles? That doesn’t have to be the case! Stretching before and after the hike can help prevent muscle soreness. If you want to play it safe, read on to tip 3…

Tip #3: Stamina

Regularly practicing sports during the cold winter months is the best preparation for a successful start to the new hiking season. For those who prefer to hibernate during winter, you should get active in February at the latest. Start with brisk walks to get your cardiovascular system going again. Jogging is also ideal.

Tip #4: The lungs

Are you planning a trekking tour to the high mountains? Then you should also train your breathing and lungs, in addition to your muscles. Don’t forget that at 2,500 metres above sea level, the air has a different oxygen content that that at 1,000 metres altitude.

Our tip: Take small stapes to get your body used to the unfamiliar environment.


Tip #5: Take the stairs!

We know the elevator is too tempting. Nevertheless, if you want to get prepared for the hiking season, you should take the stairs more often.

Our tip: Start step by step – in the truest sense!


Tip #6: The feet

The main point of tip number 6 is the feet. They should be ready for the hiking season just as much as the legs and the rest of the body. Bought new hiking boots? How nice! Then do something nice for your toes, heels and joints and break in the new shoes. It would be a shame if blisters and bruises overshadowed the first spring hike.

Tip #7: Daydreaming

Anticipation is known to be the greatest joy. And what anticipation could be more beautiful than looking forward to your next hiking holiday? If you are happy, the body releases happy hormones and these in turn lead to a better mood on cold, winter days. You can start enjoying your trip with Eurohike weeks in advance!

Find your hike into happiness and browse the varied offers in our hiking catalogue. Our experts will gladly advise you by phone: +43 (0) 6219 7444-161, or via the contact form on our website.

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