Hiking areas that are in vogue


Every wanderer has the desire to set the soul free from time to time. Breathe in the fresh air and make their adventurous heart beat faster. So give your body a real break, away from the stress of daily life. With a carefree hiking holiday for example! With the catchwords ‘slowing down’, ‘coasts’ and ‘mild climate’ the Eurohike team reveals which destinations hiking enthusiasts should make a be-line for in 2019.

Fisher harbor in Ruegen

North Germany calls

North Germany is definitely in fashion in 2019. It is an idyllic experience of maritime flair by the Baltic Sea. Walk past sprawling dunes and into deep, natural forests. There is a lot to explore - traditional fishing villages for example.

Grab some fresh Baltic air in Mecklenburger´s Fischland and immerse yourself in the world of sailors! Walk over long sandy beaches and listen to the calls of seabirds. The region also has many delicacies to offer foodies! Learn more about the hiking holiday in Fischland Mecklenburg!

Rugia, the largest island in Germany is so far untouched by large crowds of tourists and perfect for spending a relaxing hiking holiday. The Baltic Sea pearl with its majestic lighthouses impress hikers’ hears, who are in search of something special. Read more a about the ‘hikeable’ Rugia now!

By the way: with an average of only 49 tourists per square kilometre, the Baltic Sea is a top insider tip among hiking destinations.

Eurohike Travel Tip: Don’t forget your camera! Your loved ones are guaranteed to envy your great snaps!

Hiking with Charm: Great Britian is trendy in 2019

A mild climate and relatively flat, expansive landscapes are ideal conditions to stop and take a breather. An optimal way to get away from the stress and worry! So far, when you think of the UK you will think of the Queen, tea and red double-decker busses.

Experience typical British/Scottish flair and hike along rugged cliffs. Try the best whisky and enjoy panoramic views. The West Highland Way is known for its stunning natural landscapes and is an insider tip for those looking to find peace and tranquillity.

Of course there is also wildlife in Britain. And in Cornwall you can observe animals in the wild! Watch the peregrine passing by and discover dolphins as you wader along the coasts. Cornwall´s Coastal Path leads from St. Ives to Penzance and is an absolute must for sure-footed hikers in this new hiking year!

Ready for an unforgettable hiking holiday? Find out why you should already be thinking about this year’s hiking trip!

Bem-vindo a Portugal!

Undoubtedly, Portugal is a country with beautiful coastlines – for this and 100 other good reasons, Portugal is also a hot tip for hiking. The holiday destination is not too far away and has an agreeably southern warm climate. The sandy beaches, traditional villages, laurel forests can all be travelled with hiking boots. The beauty and hiking of Portugal can be perfectly enjoyed all year round. Take a look for yourself!

There’s a reason why it has been named the best island several times and is called the pearl of the Atlantic. Steep coasts that fall into the sea, colourful flowers and a unique landscape meet you on the journey Around Madeira. “Madeira es un jardim” – Madeira is a garden, and it is worth discovering.

Bird song, herbal aromas and the sound of the sea are in the air. The Alentejo – Rota Vincentina hike takes you to the Atlantic coast in northern Portugal, with artfully shaped cliffs and traditional fishing villages.

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