Change of Scenery: Hike from the Alps to the Sea


About high summits and sandy coastlines

Straight across the Alps, rocky steep faces all around, high mountain tops and fresh, clean mountain air. Step by step you wander over hill and dale, with temperatures getting milder day by day, the air becomes more salty and the climate Mediterranean. The further your feet carry you, the closer you get to the light and warm south. Does this sound fantastic? It sure is! Thanks to the multifarious Eurohike hiking holidays, hiking enthusiasts look forward to a change of scenery. From the Alps to the sea. A continuous companion: varied scenery and changing culinary peculiarities.

The summer is at the ready and the annual discussion about a holiday destination is sparked anew. There are two camps around the kitchen table: mountains versus sea. It would be best if you were able to combine both in one holiday. Actually, why not? Below read more about the three hiking tours which have both at the ready: Alps and sea!

From vineyards to the sunny Riviera

The route from Piedmont to Liguria offers a hiking week par excellence and a unique combination of land and sea. A storybook program laced with contrasts awaits: through romantic vineyards and along the Riviera-coastline of Liguria. You also discover the snow-capped Maritime Alps, the impressive Monte Rosa Massif and the turquoise coastline. With that in mind the decision around the kitchen table is much easier. Take a look at the tour description and unite three wishes in one holiday!

Tip: The renowned herds of sheep accompany you en route all the way to Murazzano. Sample the famous cream cheese made with sheep’s milk!

Pink cliffs and the Gulf of Porto

The sun is shining happily from the sky creating a glistening sparkle over the sea. The cliffs are dipped into a soft pink and behind them tower the majestic summits. Sounds amazing? It is! During a coastal hiking tour in Corsica you can look forward to fascinating views onto the coastal scenery on the Gulf of Porto. The route leads you through peaceful pine forests, past rock massifs to rugged gorges. From time to time you take a break in a café on the coast and enjoy a still warm pain au chocolat. Alas, what more could a heart desire on a holiday!

Take a detailed look at Hiking in Corsica!

Mallorca: a synergy of coastal villages, coastal views and mountains

Prepare for the ‘Best of Mallorca during the coastal hiking tour on the Balearic island. Every day you will discover new, stunning hiking paths paired with a diverse landscape and typical Mallorquin villages. Walk through olive groves in the Tramuntana mountains. Enjoy the sea air in the Bay of Deia and we dare you to a plunge into the ocean, shimmering green when hit by the sunlight. Take your time, have a seat and enjoy the fresh orange juice from Sóller paired with a seaview.

Tip: We also recommend you mingle with the effervescent goings-on in the chic island capital Palma and explore the charming boutiques, larger shops and numerous ‘heladerías’ (ice cream shops).

Hiking along the coast of Liguria
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Mountain Walking

Piedmont - Liguria

8 Days | Self-guided tour
The Riviera coast runs along northern Italy and to the world of the rich and beautiful – Monaco. Start in Langhe/Piedmont, which is also known as the gourmet region of Italy. The hiking tour will impress with a contrasting landscape: through romantic vineyards and along the Riviera coast of Liguria. You will also discover the snow-capped Maritime Alps, the impressive Monte Rosa massif and the turquoise blue coast. It will make any hiker’s heart sing! Details about the hiking tour in Piedmont - Liguria Colourful paths and Mediterranean vegetation unite in the Riviera of Flowers. During this eight-day mountain tour you will wander through different towns and villages. You will reach the ‘Alta Langa’ on old hiking trails. Fragrant flowers as far as the eye can see and an impressive panoramic view lines the route. You continue along the ridge, past sheep herds and onto Murazzano. Tip: Taste the famous sheep milk cream cheese! After your arrival in San Remo you can rest your tired feet as you sip a glass of wine and enjoy the scent of the culinary delicacies as they fill the nose. What more could you want? Highlights of the mountain journey through Piedmont – Liguria: Gourmet tour of the regions’ specialities: In vino veritas! Experience true pleasure on a tasting tour through the vineyards and numerous wine shops. Tip: Treat yourself to a glass of world-famous Barolo. Medieval places with historical centres: Villages such as Monforte, Roddino and Serravalle are on your hiking route. These all have picture postcard charm! A programme of contrasts: The snow-capped Alps in Piedmont and the sunny Riviera on the Ligurian coast provide impressive contrasts. Useful information about the hiking tour through Piedmont - Liguria You start your eight-day mountain hiking trip in Alba (Piedmont) where you begin your gourmet tour along the Riviera. Alba already seduces connoisseurs with its lovely old town and countless Piedmontese specialities. Over the next stages of the Langhe you hike on hilly gravel, forest and field paths through vineyards and on stony paths. For some short passages you need sure-footedness. Each trail lasts about five hours, with an average of 15 kilometres per day. Does this sound like just the right hiking trip for you? Then book your next holiday along the Ligurian Sea. The experienced Eurobike team will be glad to help you with the planning! Get all information and many more tour tips for our hiking tours in the Piedmont.
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Breathtaking views into the mystic Serra de Tramuntana mountains
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Mountain Walking

Mallorca's Highlights

8 Days | Self-guided tour
When you think of the most beautiful parts of Mallorca, what comes to mind? Dreamy mountain villages, such as Valldemossa, paradisiacal coastlines, juicy oranges from Sòller or the fertile Orient Valley? Not to mention the captivating Serra de Tramuntana in the northwest of the island and the hustle and bustle of the capital Palma. Details about the hiking tour through the highlights of Mallorca All of the above can be experienced first hand during the hiking trip to Mallorca’s hotspots. Stroll through olive groves to the mountains of Tramuntana. Enjoy the sea air in the bay of Deia – will you dare to jump into the shimmering water? The mountain hike to Cami Costera won’t disappoint with its wonderful views. Continue on one of the beautiful coastal paths to the Torrent de Pareis. At the Pass de L’Ofre you can see the Cuber reservoir and the imposing Puig Major. Highlights of the Mallorca tour: Capital city of Palma: Mingle with the locals of the stylish island capital and explore charming boutiques, shops and numerous ‘heladerías’ (ice cream parlours). Orient Valley: Orchards and herds of sheep are idyllic! Enjoy the unique atmosphere. Castell d’Alaró: Finca Es Verger invites you to taste delicious Mallorcan specialities at this place of pilgrimage.   Useful information about the island hike in Mallorca On the eight-day hiking tour you will experience the paradise island of Mallorca. Since the journey leads both along the coast and through the mountains, you should be accustomed to mountain hiking. Because only then can you enjoy daily tours with a maximum of 16 kilometres to the full. The duration of the hikes is between four and a half and five hours. A special feature of this tour is the walk from Valldemossa to Deia, which offers spectacular views and a deep crashing east coast. For this, sure footedness and a head for heights are needed. Let’s go – pack your bags and take part in the hiking tour to the highlights of Mallorca!
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