No Trace of Boredom: hiking with a cultural twist


The most beautiful routes to treasures well worth a visit

Over hill and dale to the next cultural asset… This is the exact motto of the three proposed Eurohike hiking holidays. Hiking across stunning scenic sections and the focus always on cultural highlights and fabulous legends. No matter whether you walk along the beautiful blue Danube marvelling at the Wachau region with its castle ruins and monasteries or hike along Roman trails. Hiking and culture are a match made in heaven. Also on the so-called ‘Green Island’ - Ireland, situated in the middle of the Atlantic, there are probably unusual objects to gaze in amazement.

A proposal: Read over the routes for the three cultural holidays in three different countries and after that decide, which holiday resonates with your heart!

The World Heritage Trail Wachau: Wine and Culture along the Danube

Along the beautiful blue river Danube – goes The Blue Danube waltz composed by Johann Strauss (son) long ago. Over eight days you walk along the World Heritage Trail across the picturesque Wachau region. Countless vineyards and apricot trees line your hiking route and every few metres you get to marvel at a cultural landmark. Discover the prison cell of Richard the Lionhearted at Dürnstein castle or stroll within the thick walls of Göttweig monastery. A glass of sprite Grüner Veltliner on the side in the Sandgrube 13 and a snack platter in a wine tavern (‘Heuriger’) in the Kellergassen-alleyways of Krems. As a crowning finale you get to enjoy a boat ride on the river Danube, past Spitz, Krems and Weißenkirchen. Tip: Visit the castle ruin Aggsbach. The lookout towers and the inside of the castle compensate for the ascent!

Do you love a cold glass of wine enjoyed between the quaint vines? Please find all information regarding the hiking holiday World Heritage Trail Wachau here! 

Be a guest on the ‘Green Island’… 

Mighty waves crashing against the cliffs. Endless ocean spray. You are standing high up on top of the possibly most spectacular and at the same time most popular place of Ireland – the cliffs of Moher. Where does the sea hit the cliff coast with a bigger vengeance than at these majestic cliffs? On Day 3 out of a total of eight you walk along Ireland’s Western Way through the famous ruins of Dùn Aenghus.


-Irelands Western Way

At the pass of Maum Ean you will surely get goosebumps: this mystic place is packed with Celtic crosses and a statue of St. Patrick. A must-have photo opportunity. Experience the lush green meadows, the uniquely dreamy atmosphere in Kilronnan, when the sun sinks into the sea at the horizon! Enjoy a glass of the ‘Black Stuff’ as Guinness beer is called by the Irish and experience a dream holiday along the Irish coastline.

Along Roman Tracks: the Via Claudia Augusta

An ancient cultural and trade route of the Roman Empire is brought to life again. You walk along Roman tracks on the Via Claudia Augusta. This road was once built by Emperor Claudius to improve the connection of the Adriatic port Altinum (situated at the lagoon of Venice) with the river Danube. Roam through South Tyrolean orchards and vineyards for seven or nine consecutive days. Each day you pass by cultural treasures such as Reinhold Messner’s Mountain Museum or Churvburg castle. On Day 5 you get acquainted with Joval Palace towering high above the Schnalstal-valley. Culture enthusiasts get to look forward to the Mediterranean city of Merano. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and glaciers you walk along the Passer-promenade. Tip: Have you ever been to the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Palace? Never? Then we highly recommend you visit and check out the exotic plant world!

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World Heritage Trail Wachau

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Lake Reschensee – Lake Kalterer-See

9 Days | Self-guided tour
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Ireland's Western Way

8 Days | Self-guided tour