Gift ideas for hikers


Your own Christmas wish list is long? That’s usually the case. But you are completely at a loss as to what to put under the beautifully decorated tree for your loved ones? That’s where the Eurohike team can help. Why not use their favourite hobby as an opportunity and enrich their next hiking holiday with useful gadgets and practical aids?

Always in reach: the solar charger

A solar-powered charger for mobile phones is not just an ingenious invention for all hikers, frequent travellers and outdoor fans. The practical gadget is also environmentally friendly. The portable, independent power source not only ensures sufficient battery and therefore, constant accessibility, it also converts the sun’s rays into clean electricity by means of a solar panel. So the whole thing works without a socket, so is environmentally friendly. Should an emergency happen in the mountains, you won’t be left without mobile phone battery.

Don’t forget your watch: smartwatch and fitness tracker

Today’s fashion-conscious hiker wears a fitness watch on their wrist. No matter whether for a personal fitness check-up, out of curiosity or as an incentive to reach top athletic performance – these watches are practical. In addition to the time, the smartwatch can also connect to mobile phones, and messages are displayed on the wrist.

Practical: when that longed-for hut is within reach, a quick glance at the watch is enough and you can order some indulgent food without a guilty conscience. Because, the smartwarch shows you have burned a lot of calories!

Water-resistant and practical: the dry-bag repels any liquid

Are you wondering what a dry bag is? A really practical and above all, useful outdoor gadget. The waterproof stuff sack protects equipment and electronic items from water, dirt and sand. So it is an indispensable piece of hiking equipment, especially expensive SLR cameras. When buying the optimal Christmas gift for hikers, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Weight: the lighter the better
  • Multifunctionality
  • High quality

No more itching: the electronic bite healer

They are usually unavoidable when hiking: mosquitoes, wasps and other small animals and their bits and stings. Result: it burns, itches and swells.

Electronic bite healers, also known as ‘thermal pens’ are just the ticket. They heat the skin briefly to about 50 degrees Celsius at the bite point.

The heat causes proteins that are put into the wound by the insect to be destroyed. This relieves pain and itching.

For quick laundry: the Scrubba Wash Bag

If you realise you have no clean t-shirts, then a wash-bag helps. The wash bag provides you with clean laundry in a few minutes. The knobs on the inside of the bag help clean clothes effectively and thoroughly. Simply add a little soap or shampoo with water to the bag, close it and release the excess air. Now it’s time to knead. After a few minutes, just empty the water into the toilet and you’ll have fresh clothes ready for the following day’s hiking.

Tip: The wash bag is also environmentally friendly. Instead of cleaning laundry in the sink, the shampoo residues can simply be poured into the toilet.

Outdoor navigation system


It is annoying, yet every now and then we end up in this situation: no phone signal. Whether on a walk through the forest or hiking at higher altitudes. At some point the time comes, navigation wouldn’t be bad. But how do we find the way without reception? Give your hiking fan an outdoor navigation device. One of the most convenient functions is being able to access already stored maps to use right away. Thanks to GPS, of course, the current location is displayed.

By the way: Eurohike provides its guests with free GPS trackers on request for daily walks!

The hands-free umbrella


Even bad weather cannot stop a hiker! However, if you want to use an umbrella, you have to hold it. Or perhaps not? A hands-free umbrella makes this much easier and is a perfect Christmas present. The umbrella can be easily attached to the backpack, leaving the hands free for other activities.


For hot and cold: a drinking bottle made from stainless steel

On hot summer days, there is nothing better than enjoying a cold drink – especially after hours of hiking! On the other hand, in damp autumnal weather a warm drink would be just right! Be it water, soup, tea or coffee – stainless steel bottles keep the temperatures constant for several hours. The bottles come in many shapes and colours and area individually customizable.


Found something perfect for your loved one? Super! What else is missing from the perfect hiking trip? Exactly, the right holiday! Book your next hiking tour now!

Versatile and useful in all weather conditions: multifunctional scarf

Whether in rain or on hot summer days, hikers are prepared for anything with a scarf made of multifunctional fabric! Scarf, hat, headband and a fashionable accessory in one – this is what a multifunctional scarf is all about. It absorbs perspiration, is breathable, protects against UV rays and is wind resistant! An all-rounder in every kind of weather.

By the way: the scarves are available in numerous colours and designs, and are cost-effective.

Did you find the right Christmas present for your favourite person? Perfect! Get your Christmas shopping done, then you can enjoy the holidays!