Forest workout – Part 1


For our forest workout, we headed into nature and looked for ways to get active. And, as expected, it’s easy to find outside. But take a look for yourself!

We would love to inspire you with these 5 exercises and ideas for more activity, adventure and freedom in the fresh air. This is also good preparation for your next individual hiking tour with Eurohike.

Exercise 1: Bench dip

Here we transform the classic ‘tricep dip’ into a bench dip. The only difference? You’re right, the bench! So, next time you take a break, don’t sit down, just press up. Please make sure your back is straight when performing this exercise.


Exercise 2: Tree trunk balance

The tree pose in yoga – also called Vrikshasana – we decided to do it on a tree trunk. It’s good for more balance and inner peace. Please make sure that you don’t fall off the tree trunk ;-)

Exercise 3: Tree pulls

Certainly not the easiest exercise: the pull-up. Carried out on a branch, however, it is definitely much more adventurous than on a normal bar. It will strengthen your upper arms, make you laugh and pleasantly tired after just a few tries.

Exercise 4: A tree-strong back

During the first exercise, alternately extend your arm forward and your leg backward. How exactly? Give it a go, there is only one right way!

In the second exercise, linger as long as you want or go onto your forearms. Please pay attention: arms and legs, and your back should form a line.

Exercise 5: Leap to freedom

He might look like a ski jumper taking off, but Michael from Eurohike is at the edge of the forest jumping into freedom. Please make sure that you have a straight back while jumping. And please do not do the exercise before a big drop!

Tip: The second part of the forest workout with more exercised for an active summer will follow soon!