The benefits of hiking in autumn

Why it’s better to hike in autumn than summer

When colourful kites adorn the sky, when the forest exchanges its green dress for a colourful coat and the ground is covered in chestnuts, acorns and crunching leaves autumn has arrived. The temperatures are cooler, the physical activity is slightly easier again and nature has a final hurrah before it goes into hibernation.

In the morning, the landscape is often hidden behind a dense haze, which the sun lifts with its increasing radiance. A beautiful autumn day is coming.

Why should you love autumn as much as summer? The Eurohike team can immediately think of three reasons why the golden season is perfect, especially for hiking tours. Be curious, and now read the best reasons to take a hiking holiday in autumn.

Advantage number 1: a colourful natural backdrop

A clear advantage of the autumn is that every deciduous tree turns into a floral Vivienne Westwood creation. The further autumn advances, the more intense its colourful dress becomes. And towards the end of the third season, when leaves fall from the trees and cover the ground, hikers have, so to speak, their own personal ‘red carpet’.

Incidentally: While mosquitoes are annoying in summer as you sit by the campfire or on a mountain pasture, the autumn is completely free of such unwelcome beasts. Adieu, itchy red bites!

View of Weißenkirchen and vineyard

Advantage number 2: moderate temperatures

One of the absolute advantages and another clear plus for the autumn is the pleasant temperature. So hikers on tours are not desperately looking for the next shady spot and don’t have to put cool towels on their necks. In autumn, moderate temperatures and a gentle breeze ensure perfect hiking conditions.

Tip: If the weather changes too fast or gets colder quickly, the onion method helps. Simply put on several layers, preferably thin and breathable, over each other! So you can protect yourself from the cold as well as easily regulating the temperature. For more tips for finding the right hiking clothing for autumn click here!

Hiker on trails through forests

Advantage number 3: entertaining hiking

Make your walks more entertaining! What does the Eurohike team mean exactly? Easy! In autumn, mushrooms sprout from the forest floor. These not only taste delicious, but a successful mushroom hunt can make for a tour highlight. For example, porcini mushrooms chanterelles etc like to grow in coniferous forests. Above all, damp soils and steaming fog ensure perfect conditions for growth. And if you notice a fly agaric on your trail, porcini mushrooms can’t be far away – according to old mushroom hunter wisdom.


Conclusion: Every season has its highlights. So autumn does not have to hide from summer. Have you got the taste and already feel itching in your calves? Then we have an autumn tour for you!

Traditional accommodation at the Genneralp: Poschn hut

Tour tip: Almwandern in the Salzkammergut

When the cow bells ring, the wooden huts lure you in for a rest and the delicious alpine snacks smell wonderful, you are hiking in the Salzkammergut. Are you a pastry fan or panorama lover? Then this hiking route is made for you! It goes from hut to hut through the beautiful and idyllic Salzkammergut. Whether apple strudel, Pofesen (French toast with jam), Kaiserschmarrn (pieces of pancake) or delicious fluffy Germknödel (yeast dumplings), you’ll get your money’s worth.

Would you like to know the details of the eight-day hike? Click here for the details of the alpine hike in the Salzkammergut!

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Alpine Pasture Hike in the Salzkammergut

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